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    Is it possible to create a feature to unsubscribe to certain blogs that turn up on the tag surfer? Don’t want to see some of that stuff early in the morning.


    If you are referring to blogs that are of a mature nature that are not appropriately tagged, mark them as mature so staff can take a look at them. Some blogs are too mature for all audiences and wordpress removes them from the tagging system.



    Mature blogs aren’t the problem :) In fact all the entries seem appropriately tagged, it’s just there are a lot of regular blogs on the tag I subscribe to that I don’t want to read, plus they keep eating up the tag page and I’m just wondering, since they’re working on improving on WP all the time an extra personalized feature would be great, because I sometimes land up reading that icky stuff and get a bad taste in my mouth later.


    You’re referring to tags?

    Maybe choose a reader then you can read specifically the blogs you choose instead of all of blogdom :)



    Well, more specifically the tag reader, and there are new and interesting blogs cropping up every day so I don’t want to miss them and I like to have all of them on one page, except now there some regulars whose entries are beginning to annoy me. I usually try to ignore them but land up reading them sometimes and thus the bad taste in mouth.

    May be I should email WP and suggest the personalized reader blocking system. How do I do that?



    Do you mean the tag surfer in the dashboard? The thing that shows you blogs by people using the same tags you do? If so, on the left in the box where your subscribed tags are, just uncheck the one(s) you don’t want. I uncheck one from time to time when one of the included blogs has auto-play music. Ugh.



    Oh no, not the *tag*—————- specific blog’s entries that contantly turn up in the tag I normally tend to read that is— block the blog that constantly turns up in my lovely tag read and spoils things.
    I don’t think there’s an existing solution.



    I have been trying to unsubscribe from a blog in “blogsurfer” . However every time I hit the “X” next to the name, that is suppose to remove it, nothing happens.????? Anyone else have this problem and figure out how to get around it? ( yes, I’m signed in)



    There’s a problem with unsubscribing from the blog surfer at the moment; staff are looking into it, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. There are a couple of suggestions you can try in these threads as well; not sure if they’ll help much but you might like to try them while you’re waiting.

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