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    I have an email follower who wants to unsubscribe – why she’d want to I have no ideas of course!! – but says she can’t using the functionality on the blog sidebar. Can I as blog owner unsubscribe a follower?

    The blog I need help with is whisperinggums.com.



    You cannot do this for her.
    Here are brief instructions for unsubscribing
    1. click the “unsubscribe” link on the emails of the posts received at the very bottom of the emails.
    2. go here > http://wordpress.com/#!/read/edit/ locate and click the “x” next to any blog there to unfollow it and no longer receive posts in the Reader or by email.
    3. go to the blog in question and click the unfollow/follow link on your Admin bar.


    Thanks time thief. I’ll send this to her … I should have worked that out by looking at an email for a blog A subscribe to. But, why can’t she do it from the subscription widget itself. I thought that was the place?



    Not that I’m aware of but then again I don’t use that feature. I have used feedburner for years before WordPress.com had subscriptions and I didn’t change over.

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