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    How about feeding Akismet the hard IPs that we want blocked?

    Wouldn’t work. Next table for me is a different Class C. Go upstairs, I’m even yet another Class C. Next building over is even in a different Class B IIRC.

    Also that means if I don’t like someone, I could effectively ban them from wp.com. iptables is serverwide.

    I don’t like Road Runner because they don’t follow up on DDoS complaints, Bellsouth because they won’t deal with a child porn peddlier on one of their South American networks, ev1 becuase they’re just idiots, etc. What would stop me from blocking those networks?



    You can put IP addresses into the moderation box though. Won’t ban but it will tag any comments left from that IP address: link



    OK, I am getting spam now from

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