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    I’m sure everyone has been getting thes automated spambot comments “great site. thanks for sharing” etc which link to sites that pretend to sell some crap.

    In the last 5 hours I’ve received 16 comments from a spambot originating at IP =

    I have marked the comment as Spam about 4 times already, yet it keeps coming (from the same IP address)

    The comments were all going to one old post of mine: http://evolvingtrends.wordpress.com/2006/07/17/semantic-blog/

    I turned off comments on that post as I found out that Worpress’ “Mark it as Spam” filter does not work, at least not within the 5 hour period that I have been bombarded with spambot comments from the said IP.

    I hate SPAM.

    Anyone with a similar problem?




    Do you mean that even though you mark it as spam it still turns up in your regular comments, or even though you mark it as spam it still turns up in your spam folder?



    16? *chuckle* I’ll trade you your 16 for the 3 million connections I blocked at my own routers yesterday. :)

    That’s in liquidweb space. I sent them an email with a pointer to this thread.


    Up to 33 now!


    raincoaser, no they just keep turning up in my email folder under “Please moderate …” and I keep marking them as spam.

    I guess I was thinking something like Askimet (if applicable here) would prevent them from posting a comment, so I would never see any moderation requests in my email folder.

    lquidweb sound like slippery people.. good luck.




    You have sent in a complaint to liquidweb as well, right? I did it but please note that I’m not the one having the issue.

    Comments get dropped into the moderation queue if Akismet is down or if it can’t deside if it’s spam or not.

    Please tell me that you’re not marking the emails that you receive as spam. That doesn’t help and in fact screws up the process as now the reports are being called spam and that’s not something what is needed. You have to click on that link within that email that tells Akismet that the comment is spam. Either that or visit the moderation queue at Dashboard -> Comments -> Moderation Queue and mark them that way.



    This is probably related to the current Akismet problems that are going on at wordpress.com blogs

    (my akismet queue has been empty since sunday)


    “Please tell me that you’re not marking the emails that you receive as spam. “

    Sheesh dude. Who do you think I am? Einstein?

    That reminds me of the tech support guy from IT Crowds: “did you try turning it on and off?”

    It would be funny though if I was marking the emails as spam.

    Einstein would be proud then.



    Seriously, stranger things have happened.


    Strangely, more serious things have happened.

    em ul br ol li!

    Translation: “I am Allowed Markup”




    It would be funny though if I was marking the emails as spam.

    You’ve never met my ex mother in law.

    And actually there’s a reason why I asked that. There’s an ongoing issue with domains having their email blocked by AOL as spam sources. Folks are using their AOL service to pull email from their other inboxes and, when they get spam, are marking it as spam. What gets reported as spam is the inbox, not where the spam email actually came from.

    It does happen…



    I am getting bombarded with spam from that same IP as well…
    they just don’t want to stop…but at least the spam is getting blocked by Akismet so I’m in a little better of a position then you.



    Spam, spam, spam, spam here and Askimet is not blocking it. Also, marking them as spam in comments does no good–spam folder still remains empty.



    getting spam from this ip

    even though i spam it manually, it keeps coming back each time in different names but same ip.

    i’m not sure why is this happening because it’s not promoting anything.

    and i’m having the same problem like disembedded after marking it as spam.



    I am not sure whether this is the IP I am getting spam for, but for last few days I am getting around 20-40 spams a day and it is unstoppable, even though I mark them as spam …. getting really annoyed.



    IP: – a lot of spam generated from this IP as well

    It maybe be manually entered – please recheck.



    The address is in Layered Tech space. I sent in my own complaint but layered’s abuse policy is “If it’s not bothering us, it’s not our problem.” The actual IP address belongs to a Russian hosting company, gibibits.com.

    The address belongs to defenderhosting.com. That IP address is not listed but their domain does have a bit of a history.



    Layered Tech asked for my own logs. Over 200 hits on my own WPMu install within the last 48 hours. (Sulz, you got off easy) Maybe they’ll do something.



    thanks drmike!


    So I’m getting less spam now!

    Surely, someone did something to make it stop or get less frequent.

    To whomever or whatever made it less of an issue:

    THANK YOU. I, for one, fully appreciate it.




    How about feeding Akismet the hard IPs that we want blocked? I kept my servers clean by sticking the nasty IPs in iptables: they can’t get in, but if they do they can’t get out.

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