Unsleepable; issues with font size, IE display

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    I’m having a very hard time finding where I can alter the size of the font for each entry’s title and date in Unsleepable’s CSS. I’d like it to be smaller. Can someone tell me the CSS for this? Is there also any way I can change the date format? I tried to change it under the Options tab, but it doesn’t work.

    Also, check out how Unsleepable looks in IE: http://img2.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/237ed301a8.gif Note the title block and how it’s stretched out on top, with the naviagtion block underneath. I use Firefox, and it looks great there, but I’d like for my blog to look nice for IE viewers, too. I was wondering if there was a way I could fix that with custom CSS?



    Update: I figured out how to make the date and title font smaller. I still need to know how to change the date format and how to fix how it looks in IE.



    Sent in a Feedback on this. After some thought, I realised the problems I described might be something that needs to be fixed by Admin. But if anyone can come up with any solutions I can try on my end, it would be greatly appreciated.



    I had the same issue with IE at first I thought is was an issue with resolution (1024×768 crap Windows comp vs 1650×1080 iMac), but this confirms my suspicions.



    Link fixed to image.

    I’ve got to admit that I normally suggest leaving font sizes alone. Most times, font sizes are changeable by the visitor within their browser. Also remember that what maybe too small or too large to your is the oposite to someone else.

    I can’t pull up your CSS file from here but look in your CSS file for font: with px settings. That’s what you need to change.

    Good luck,



    I have the same problem as listed above – I would just like to know if there is any chance that the IE display will change??? It bothers me a lot… I use Opera and Firefox – no problem, but a lot of my visitors use IE…


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    there’s more than one way to make unsleepable. mine works just fine in IE. if you’re editting your own CSS, you might as well start with one that works.

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    sunburntka: and what if you don’t pay for css upgrade in wordpress.com? the template seem to have the problems specified above in IE…


    that solution is only for paid upgraders. which the original poster was. the header issue in IE is a bug, if you have an issue with it, post feedback from your dashboard, and maybe somebody will get around to fixing it.

    although it’s an issue in the original theme, so i don’t know if anyone on staff here will care.



    sunburntkamel, of course we care.



    sunburntkamel: I rund unsleepable on another site, and it does not seem to have the IE bug, so the problem should be with the template adapted by wordpress.com.

    foolwisdom: I know you do :)



    Hi, I’d like to bring this IE bug up again. Of course we all don’t use it, right? ;-) But many people do and it’s a shame Unsleepable’s header looks so ugly for them.



    I would like to bring this up again, and I have also raised it on our blog

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