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    Hello, Please help!

    Almost every time someone connects to my website they get a warning that the SSL certificate isn’t valid and the site is unsecured. This happens anytime they connect from Google in addition to just going straight to the site on chrome and firefox. I see even the free plan comes with the SSL certificate so can you please help me to prevent this warning to continuously pop up whenever someone clicks on my site?

    The blog I need help with is baldeaglehomeinspection.wordpress.com.


    https://baldeaglehomeinspection.wordpress.com/ displays the SSL padlock for me. If you’re talking about a different site hosted elsewhere then you’ll need to approach the host of that site directly.


    Thank you and that is what is so weird! It should be set up as an SSL site but when you google Bald Eagle Home Inspections and click on the website link from Google it will populate that warning. We verified that the business listing on Google is also linked to the https:// url but the warning continues to be displayed.


    baldeaglehomeinspection.com is a GoDaddy site and shows as not secure.

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