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    Am I the only one who has not been paid for the advertising on my site?

    I have spoken to 3 different agents at wordpress about receiving the $100 that I have accumulated on my site and they have said 3 times that it will be given at the end of the month in my paypal account and I am yet to receive the payment. I hope to be explained why this has happened as soon as possible.


    The blog I need help with is intercambioidiomas.wordpress.com.



    Hi there Marc, a couple of notes on this:

    1. When you last spoke to us, 3 months ago, you had not yet reached the $100 minimum for payout.

    2. You did last month, but it was returned to us by PayPal as “Receiver failed to accept payment” so please make sure that you have provided a working PayPal ID in your WordAds settings.

    3. It’s not yet the end of October, we’re only about half-way through the last day over here. We’ll try again shortly after today.



    Hi @intercambioidiomas, last time we chatted you were going to fix your PayPal email address and ensure you’ve claimed the payment. Can you let us know what happened since then?



    Have you tried to make the payment. I am still waiting for it. I will delete the coment as soon as I receive the payment because i donĀ“t want to cause you any issues, but I am surprised that I have not received it yet.


    We changed the paypal account that had an incorrect spelling. You said that the payment woul come through on October 30th and I have heard nothing since then.



    Thanks, we’ll attempt the payment again in a few days. If the address is correct it should work.


    It is not the 8th of November and I still have not received the payment. We confirmed the paypal account and I checked it with one of your technicians (supernovia). When will I receive it? I am starting to get quite tired of asking



    The issue appears to be two-fold here.

    1. The Business Plan was canceled without downgrading the site.

    2. The PayPal email is still the wrong email as mentioned at https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/unpaid-advertising-money/#post-3387965

    3. And because of 1, there is no way to fix 2.

    We can fix 1, which will let you fix 2, by finishing the site’s downgrade to a free site, but we’ll need you to confirm that you accept the following:

    * Any content created after the site became a Business site will be lost.
    * Any custom content created by plugins and themes may not be carried over.
    * Plugins and third-party themes can no longer be used.
    * The reverted site will revert to using the old theme before it became a Business site.

    If that is acceptable, we can properly downgrade the site, thus restoring both the site and your ability to correct the PayPal address.


    I really cannot understand this. I went through it with one of the technicians over a month ago and they said that it had been changed. I have moved all of the content from the site so you can do as you wish with it, I have no need for it. I would just like you to send it through to my PayPal address (email redacted) as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your time, can we please resolve this issue



    Ok, https://intercambioidiomas.wordpress.com/ has been properly downgraded.

    I see that your PayPal email is still not set as desired.

    You can correct that at https://wordpress.com/earn/ads-settings/intercambioidiomas.wordpress.com

    Once done, please let us know and we’ll get to work on requesting that payment.


    The link you have sent me just goes directly to an update so that I have to pay 8 euros a month. It will not allow me to change the PayPal address. I would be grateful if you either:
    1. sent me the correct link
    2. changed the email for me to the email requested.




    You’re currently logged into the wrong account. You need to log back in as intercambioidiomas and then go to https://wordpress.com/earn/ads-settings/intercambioidiomas.wordpress.com


    It has been changed



    Thanks, I can confirm that it’s now correct.

    I’m asking our payments team if another early payment can be attempted. If not, it will be done with the rest of the payments in early December.

    We’ll let you know when we hear back.




    I guess you will be sending my money through in the next few days?



    That’s the plan.



    I just double-checked on this to be 100% sure on the window. If you don’t receive payment by December 17, please let us know!


    The problem has now been resolved. Thanks so much for the support

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