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    I have been utterly distracted – and irritated by – what seems to be unnecessary fiddling with the controls.
    1. The old stats page is very good and I am now having to waste time trying to find it whenever I log in.
    2. The old likes/comments/follows box (top right corner) also worked very well. A lovely big orange square lit up to show a new interaction with your blog. It is now worse, i.e. smaller.
    3. I don’t want a ‘new posting experience.’ It takes a while to work out what you are doing. Constant changes – for no apparent good reason – are annoying.

    We are trying to write! LEAVE IT ALONE!


    The blog I need help with is undercovermole.wordpress.com.



    I tagged this thread for Staff to take notice of your issues, concerns and feedback. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.


    I suggest bookmarking the various old, classic administrative pages that you use frequently. Then it’s one click to where you need to go.

    1. Old Stats with map: https://wordpress.com/my-stats

    2. Old Notifications Page: https://wordpress.com/notifications/

    3. Classic Editor is cookie dependent, so you must click to use the classic editor (link at the bottom of the Beep Boop, too-blue editor) and it will last until you delete your cookies. I also suggest bookmarking this link: https://thenameofyourblog.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php replace with the name of your blog, obviously.


    Thanks so much for your feedback. I’ll pass this along to our developers. Let me know if I can help with anything else!



    I’ve bookmarked everything I can. But what happens when the developers decide to close the option to access the old stats?

    I notice we do have a new tweak which at least hides the various information modules under collapsable click bars. At least that reduces the scrolling … but the excess clicking remains.

    The map is a misery. It’s too hard to read. Too big with too much white space and you have to locate the country to see if you have visitors from it. Please … we need a LIST of the visitors with their countries. Not this fumbling around with an illegible map to see if we can somehow click onto a country which gave us visitors. We need the country name and the visitor number. The map is useless as it is.


    At least that reduces the scrolling … but the excess clicking remains.

    We are currently looking at ways to shorten the page by adding columns. I can’t make any promises about whether or when this will happen, but we are looking at it.

    The map is a misery. It’s too hard to read. Too big with too much white space and you have to locate the country to see if you have visitors from it. Please … we need a LIST of the visitors with their countries. Not this fumbling around with an illegible map to see if we can somehow click onto a country which gave us visitors. We need the country name and the visitor number. The map is useless as it is.

    It sounds like you’re having trouble with the coloring on the new map and the fact that there isn’t just a list of the countries that have visited. I’ve logged this for our developers with other users who have had the same complaint and asked for the same type of fix.



    It is so heartening to get a prompt response to a suggestion .. I do thank you Shauna

    I am pleased to see that the list of visitor by country has been restored. Now I can see at a glance where my visited are generated from. Some countries are so small they aren’t even pinpricks on a map .. even a HUGE map. I lived in Mauritius for a time and I remember on one occasion I was sitting in the cockpit about twenty minutes before touchdown ( not so much security in those good old days) and the pilot remarked ..” Damn … if I even take a second for a sip of my coffee, I’ll miss it and fly right on to Africa ..” It’s about 35 by 35 miles in area.

    Three suggestions regarding the map. I am a graphics designer and there are a few very basic errors here. First the size is much too large. Compare the legibility of the old and the new and the difference is glaringly obvious. The second and most important error is the choice of GREEN for the indicator color. Green is never a first choice in anything but an ad for cannabis. Green isn’t saturated nearly enough to withstand dilution … and you get misty nondescript splotches instead of the graded indicator.

    RED is the first choice for anything requiring attention. And the case of the original map … red is so saturated that it gives excellent tonal ranges … from orange down to coral and one could even extend it to yellow. Green give no choice but a range of pond scum murk. I can’t believe the developers missed this.

    I would also suggest outlining the land masses. A thin dark black line would make the map much more legible and more visually attractive too.

    I get the feeling that change is being promoted for the sake of change rather than actually working out and tackling problems More problems have been created.

    Now we do have a “collapse” feature on those menus. But once one has opened one of them, you have to click back to the original list. Click click click …. Why why why? Now we’ve traded the dreadful scrolling for more clicks. What was the matter with the original condensed and legible format? Can’t we just have a choice. You can use the old advertising gimmick …”Upgraded” and the newbies will be taken in by what seems to be a novelty. And in the meantime the seasoned bloggers can have the much more efficient classic version.

    And as I run out of breath … with my last gasp … I would suggest restoring the “all time” views. This is an essential for all serious bloggers. I have the plug-in on my home page. This is our “bragging stat” and we crave it.

    Mahalo and thanks ….


    Thanks for the follow up! I’ll pass that along as well.

    I know its not much consolation, but the changes to the stats were made based off of usage statistics we gather from people using the various stats pages. We are always iterating on our changes though and we hope to land somewhere the majority of our users find useful yet not overwhelming. :)

    Let me know if I can help with anything else!



    Shauna … You are so positive and upbeat that I hate to quibble.

    But the stats from people “using the pages” could be skewed by the fact that the darned thing opens in the new page … and you have to scroll to the bottom to FIND the option to have the original. That fact alone will give more weight to the new page since it is the default. Many people won’t even realize that there is an option for the old page unless it’s posted right at the top. And even then with a default giving the new page, then the stats will automatically be in favor of the new page even if the blogger clicks on immediately to the old one. And that will be faulty. (Maybe that’s why the call it a “default” ) :)

    Even the feedback question pop-up is unreliable because most people just grumble and shrug things off ( which is why we have such terrible decisions made by our government. The voice of the majority is lazy and therefore silent) Most people don’t speak up.

    The only valid way to decide what is the best course is to do exactly what you’re doing here. Listening to the voices of the few who will speak up. And then consider whether their suggestions make sense.


    I agree with Nikkitytom, about the map colors, and the last comment.

    Most people do not take the time to complain/give suggestions and most probably don’t know where the Forums are to begin with. There is no link to the Forums on the “new” too-blue WP pages.


    I can see how my comment was slightly confusing. I meant that the new pages, and what pieces were included and excluded, were designed based on data from the previous stats pages. These are of course part of the iterations I mentioned, and there will be many still to come based on the new data coming in.

    I can’t promise that we’ll make all the changes you’ve suggested, but I can promise that all of us Happiness Engineers here in the forums are listening and collecting your feedback.

    You’re also both of course right that the majority of users won’t contact us about these changes. And the users who are happy with the changes are even less likely to contact us about it. So we try to base our changes on the data we have access to, informed by the comments we collect from users like you.

    I hope this bit of insight into our process confirms for you that we’re listening and iterating, but definitely let me know if you have any questions or more feedback. :)



    Hi Everyone (and especially Shawna)
    It was heartening to read all the above and to realize I could bookmark the links (thank you Dandelion Salad).
    I, too, want to be able to hover over the viewing/visitor bar charts, and then click to get further information about visiting countries.



    I have just read Nikkitom’s – hilarious and exact – description of the usage of the colour green as a map indicator: ‘Green is never a first choice in anything but an ad for cannabis.’ Ho ho!
    And I am consoled that I am not the only one going ‘beep beep beep’ with the irritation of it all!
    In an ideal world the practical consequences of changes need to be piloted on a large-enough sample of blog writers.
    Thank you for your attention.


    mothermi6, that is exactly what we (bloggers on WordPress.com) are to WordPress; its unpaid beta testers. WP launches its “new” whatever, and we complain/suggest and sometimes they make changes. Many of us have made that suggestion that WP actually have real beta testers before they give us “new” and not so improved products with the case of the “new” Stats, “new” editor and “new” dashboard.

    Good that you found that bookmarking the classic pages works for you.



    I do have a very encouraging feeling of real participation in our forum by you, Shauna … and this is so welcome. Up until now I have felt at the mercy of some remote “authority” who didn’t seem to be remotely aware of the problems which seemed to be accelerating at a break-neck speed.

    With such an open atmosphere I feel more confident in adding my support to Evangeline’s reaction to the “Beeb Beep Boop” … which is so horrendous and such an insult to anyone over the age of five, that I require some of that “green” to recover every time I encounter it. Perhaps the updates could include the retirement of Beep Boop … I’m sure that support for this feature is minimal.


    nikkitytom, thank you for the huge laugh.



    Updates on the Map. … It seems that the illegible green has been mercifully replaced with a more readable red. However the range still descends into a pale murky green pond scum. Those of us with only a couple of views per country are condemned to wander through a swamp to find it,

    Logically views from smaller and more exotic countries will be fewer … and those countries disappear on the map since they can’t be SEEN.

    I question who the developers of this feature are. NO designer in the world uses a color to WHITE for a stats indicator. The indicator should range from red to yellow. The lighter color is illegible.

    But at least we’ve been spared the noxious green. Here’s hoping that someone will test this out and verify that the smaller numbers pull up the almost invisible green mist.


    Hi there!

    Just wanted to update you quickly. The change was meant to restore the yellow-to-red coloring from the previous map version. The remaining green is actually a bug, and it should be fixed soon. :)



    Thanks Shauna … again you are so speedy in replies that I’m quite heartened. I guess we both live online :)

    I’m also so pleased that the red is being restored and that the odd green was a bug. Makes a HUGE difference in being able to read the map. Now if the map size could be reduced slightly, it would be even better … you can get the country list and map in one “eyeful”. Thanks again for giving me an ear.



    I’ve been looking very carefully at the format of the “upgrade”. And there is another problem which is contributing both to the excessive scrolling and to the ease of reading. The spacing has been increased in the lists. The “Posts and Pages” list is spaced out so that it occupies far too much space and the pale blue font is furthering the problem of illegible text.. Why such a pale color?

    Right now it almost looks like sabotage in terms of design. Scrolling is a problem … then why increase the spacing of the lists? Why increase the SIZE of the elements. And the standard for legibility is black not baby blue. I like to think the designers are testing their ideas but I can’t imagine them not seeing these glaring problems.

    And once again … we are told repeatedly that we are not going to have the option of the classic format … over and over again, But to date no one has offered an answer to the question of ‘why”. Something is very strange that no explanation has been given and that the format we have now is so severely flawed

    The rest of the site is so professional and so well thought-oiut in terms of accessibility and ease of usage. I can’t praise the templates … even the free ones … enough. They are stellar and allow even an amateur to produce a wonderfully professional blog site. Now what is happening? The discrepancy is glaring.

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