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    What’s your site address (URL)? Have you followed the instructions in the Site Icons support page?


    The favicon edit option was not visible under the “advanced dashboard pages” view but once I disabled that, it reappeared. Go figure.



    Deuxième message
    Mis à part le fait que je ne m’y retrouve absolument pas et que je ne vois plus certaines fonctionnalités , bref … que je n’approuve pas ce changement forcé ; pourriez vous me dire où je puis trouver la page où l’on peut supprimer une personne qui s’abonne et que l’on ne désire pas .


    Hi there @yoshimiparis,

    You should still be able to remove followers by going to Users >All Users> Followers:


    Let me know if you are still having trouble finding it.



    The new stats page is cumbersome. It used to be easy to update the stats and comments just by clicking on the “comments” icon in the left margin. That no longer works. Instead, the whole page has to be refreshed.

    Also, the left margin’s menu options fill about 1/4 of the page, and even though we keep it in “collapsed” mode, it comes roaring back in its full blown appearance whenever the page is refreshed.

    The people who designed the new page may be great programmers, but they’re not bloggers. If they were, they’d realize that they’re mucking things up.


    Correction. My remarks about the menus in the left margin apply both to the stats page and also to the comments page.




    I’ve always preferred the WP-Admin Stats by far, and I may compose a list of things I find inferior on the Calypso stats in comparison. The width of the admin menu is certainly one of them. What an annoyance to have to repeatedly click the Collapse menu link every time one visits any page in Calypso stats.

    I suggest that WP.com add a preference toggle switch regarding the width of the menu, because presently one’s preference isn’t remembered at all.


    @sensuouscurmudgeon @musicdoc1 this issue is on our developers radar to correct. I have added your reports to the others we have there.

    We do not have a timeline for when exactly this will be addressed, but we will get to it as soon as we are able



    J’ai pu avoir une personne de WP qui m’a dit que l’ancienne version (celle que la plupart d’entre nous regrette) était devenu obsolète
    >>> Mais … elle fonctionne pourtant parfaitement , “pourquoi” alors toujours vouloir changer régulièrement le fonctionnement de quelque chose
    ps : j’ai lu l’intervention d’une personne qui dit très bien que les personnes qui ont conçu le système étaient certainement de bons programmateurs mais n’étaient probablement pas des blogueurs

    >>> il faudrait penser bcp plus aux blogueurs et concevoir un système qui fait que l’on puisse choisir …. ou “pas” un nouveau système qui est proposé et non nous l’imposer.

    Merci d’y penser



    previous comment of @yoshimiparis, translated (Google, with minor edits):

    I was able to get someone from WP who told me that the old version (the one that most of us miss) had become obsolete
    >>> But… yet it works perfectly, “why” then always wanting to regularly change the way something works
    ps: I read a comment from a person who said very well that the people who designed the system were certainly good programmers but were probably not bloggers

    >>> we should think a lot more about bloggers and design a system that allows us to choose…. or “not” a new system that is proposed and not imposed on us.

    Thanks for thinking about it

    Merci beaucoup, @yoshimiparis. : )



    Adding: the ability to republicize one’s posts on social media is currently only available through the Calypso dashboard https://wordpress.com/support/publicize/#sharing-your-content-again.

    Generally speaking, I typically flipped between the former two full dashboards depending on what I was doing and it really made no difference to me which one I was in because I’m comfortable in either. However, since the change to unified navigation, that is no longer possible and it disturbs the way I work, making it much more cumbersome. Also, from a visual standpoint, having separate dashboards made it easy for me to identify where I was. Now it’s not.

    Just another 2¢



    However, since the change to unified navigation, that is no longer possible and it disturbs the way I work, making it much more cumbersome. Also, from a visual standpoint, having separate dashboards made it easy for me to identify where I was. Now it’s not.

    👍 Good point. I totally agree, @justjennifer



    @justjennifer, @galois,

    ..it disturbs the way I work, making it much more cumbersome. Also, from a visual standpoint, having separate dashboards made it easy for me to identify where I was. Now it’s not.

    Agreed. When convenient I used to keep both interfaces open in tabs on the same browser, and I’d never found anything inconvenient about having independent and different menus in the two interfaces. As you say, @justjennifer, before it was easy to identify where you were. Also, one didn’t have to repeatedly go to Account Settings to flip a toggle switch just to reach the appropriate editor.

    When I’m in WP-Admin I want each admin bar link to go to WP-Admin pages, and when in Calypso each admin bar link should go to Calypso page, with exception of one link to the other interface in each case. Previously, that was pretty much the setup, with a few exceptions only on the WP-Admin side.

    Now it’s not possible to have either interface work in this way, and although the behavior on either side depends on whether “Show advanced dashboard pages” is enabled in Account Settings, neither of the following two options is satisfactory IMO:

    • Disabled — All menu links in Calypso and in WP-Admin go to Calypso pages.
    • Enabled — Most menu links in both Calypso and WP-Admin go to WP-Admin pages.

    This is so confusing. I simply love to write posts with the classic editor, the block editor seems very unnecessary.
    Can’t we just have it as an option for those who want to use it?
    I really hate writing on the block editor with it being so distracting..



    How do you get to the Classic Editor now? I used to could get there, then they changed the system yet again and now I have no idea how to access he Classic Editor. I need to post today and I’m at a loss for how to proceed.



    Hi folks, just a reminder that this forum thread is for collecting feedback on the new unified navigation. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please read the first post from Staff here https://wordpress.com/forums/topic/unified-navigation/

    If you need help with something else, like how to return to using the Classic Editor, please open a new forum thread, or read any of the recent replies here: https://wordpress.com/forums/topic-tag/classic-editor/ Thanks.


    Another problem with the new comments page. I used to be able to click on the “reply” button and write a reply, with the full array of editing features available to me — like bold, italics, etc.. Now I can’t use those edit features at the same time I’m writing replies to comments — it’s a while separate operation. Why have you crippled the comments page?



    I have two remarks on the new “old” navigation and on the Calypso navigation as well:

    First, the new navigation seems to have a uselessly broad left side panel (caused, perhaps, by the double icon for stats (as shown here: https://eprakone.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/wp-nove-rozhranie.jpg).

    Second, when I went to the Calypso Posts tab, it did not show the “all posts” option anymore. I used to work mainly from this option because when I look for a topic I don´t care whether it has already been published or is just waiting to be confirmed, or is filed under concepts or in the bin. It makes also planning posts easier because you see how often a topic has appeared or will appear in the sequence of posts. I would propose to give that option back to the user. (I could not make a screenshot of this as I have switched back to the old navigation as I found that option – which clearly states what I think of the new Calypso navigation ;-) . As an admin, I like things to be extra easy and extra functional, not extra cool and extra beatiful.)


    So I’ve had a blog here since 2009, and honestly, I find the unified navigation to be impossible to use. It’s broken my workflow completely. I’m just a simple text blogger who was perfectly happy with wp-admin and the classic editor, and never used Calypso at all. I also don’t like the block editor and find it clunky and difficult to use, and all the white space is a problem for someone like me who has migraine issues.

    If this is going to be the dashboard I have to work with now, then I’m afraid I’m going to have to find a new home for my blogs. I can’t use wordpress anymore. This has broken wordpress for me completely.


    There is yet another problem with the new comments page. I don’t see any way to SEARCH the comments, which is something I often did before. Why is the search feature is gone?

    Oh, in my previous comment, I meant to say: “it’s a <u>while</u> whole separate operation.”

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