unauthorised user on my website

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    A new user registered on my website is this a security problem as I have no idea who they are and what is the significance of this new user



    You can remove them from being a user. Go to My Site > Manage > People > Team and you can delete them there. If you need further help go to https://en.support.wordpress.com/user-roles/


    @fernandodiaz0013 Can you reveal the address of the site you need help with. The information above may or may not assist you depending where your site is hosted. Here at WordPress.com the owner/admin would have to invite someone. If your site is hosted elsewhere and using the wordpress installation you may just have a setting enabled to invite guests to your site or it may be that your site might have security issues that need addressing.


    my site is called savvy swashbuckler.com and I use hostgator for hosting . I did not invite anyone so not sure how this new user became a new subscriber my concern is the security issue but where wordpress my host hostgator or somewhere else ???


    when I click on My Site at the top left hand corner I get a reply that says you have not got a wordpress site yet , which is confusing


    That’s because you’re posting from a WordPress.com account. This forum you’re currently posting into assists with free sites hosted at WordPress.com. As your site isn’t hosted on WordPress.com servers staff here have no access to it. If your host doesn’t offer support you’ll need to register an account and ask for advice at the correct support forum:

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