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    Hi! I am trying to get the site name racheltremblay.com – where I will build an author site – and the page where we put in names says it’s taken yet when I search it, it exists no where. It is my name, I’d love to have it. Can this be fixed? Otherwise I will just buy the domain name elsewhere. Also by accident somehow I ended up buying rachtremblay.com and deleted it right away. I didn’t put any financial information in there so I imagine there’s no way of being charged for this?


    The blog I need help with is dirtybrush.wordpress.com.


    Hi –

    This domain is currently registered through buydomains.com. The domain has been registered but does not have a website connected to it yet – this is domain squatting. You’ll want to get in touch with buydomains.com to try and purchase the domain. As long as they keep the domain registered you won’t be able to register it as yours, because buydomains.com actually owns it.

    I see that you’ve registered rachel-tremblay.com to your account already.

    Let me know if you need any further help or have other questions.

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