Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

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    Wow so many posts since yesterday

    the server settings are changed in your modem/router

    Whilst that worked for me at first I unfortunately Have to report today the problem is back and again only with WordPress website/blogs …



    Thanks for the direction but not being very IT orientated how do I change them in my modem/router? Or, going by what you have said about still having problems, is it not worth changing them?


    log into your router by either typing it in you browser address bar if it is TalkTalk router and change to different DNS servers

    Change them to And

    But might not be worth the effort!? …



    Okay, thank you, will go do it and see what happens. Thanks so much.


    I still experience this problem.
    Sometimes it will work, most times will not.

    Looking for help! Please.




    I have cleared cookies, extensions, cache and it seems to be working okay at the moment. Is there no way we can contact WordPress management and ask them directly? It is making working on my blog impossible that I am tempted to return to my old blog site.


    Please keep in mind that the issue described in this thread is not with WordPress, but with the (apparently very sucky) ISP in question. The volunteers that help in this forum have gone above the call of duty in trying to help you resolve the issue, but ultimately the ISP needs to resolve an issue on their end.

    WordPress.com staff are aware of this thread, but as the issue isn’t something they can resolve, there is very likely little they can do about it.



    No offence to the staff at WordPress was intended and I sincerely apologise if that is what you read into my previous message.

    It just does not make sense that if my talktalk router/server is working okay with all other internet connections and has worked fine up until three days ago with WordPress and the only known issue is with WordPress then there has to be some linkage surely?

    I thank WordPress staff and their volunteers for all the work they do.


    No offence was taken, so don’t worry about it. The fact is though, that millions of other WordPress users are able to access WordPress.com just fine, but users of TalkTalk aren’t able to. The issue rests with the connection between your computer and WordPress.com, not with WordPress.com itself.



    Thank you. We were thinking of leaving Talktalk because we have had so many problems which appeared to have finally been resolved up to a few weeks ago and now this!
    Time to stop prevaricating and do something about it…any recommendations, live in the south of England.



    Don’t think it’s anything to do with Talk Talk. I’m with The Cooperative. The problem with my own and other wordpress.com sites has been coming and going for the last four days. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    I note that a similar problem was reported a year or two ago. Someone must have some useful and informed experience, and I do think it’s up to WordPress.com to share that for users.



    There have been issues with Talk Talk, BT and Sky.

    If none of those are your ISP then click this link and start your own thread > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/?new=1



    If you are using Talk Talk note:

    I was advised by TalkTalk forum to change server setting from automatic to
    and that seems to have solved the issue
    so far?

    I was getting no errors with connecting to any other website with Chrome other than wordpress …


    If your ISP is BT or Sky note:



    We rang talktalk and managed to speak someone about the issue, he asked us many questions which we were able to answer, he then took us through what we had already done, empty cache, empty browsing history etc etc, which had worked temporarily anyway, been out, come back, the issue remains, changing the isp has not made the slightest difference either.



    TheCrowHouse wrote:

    Don’t think it’s anything to do with Talk Talk. I’m with The Cooperative.

    Talk Talk supply The Cooperative with their telecoms and broadband for resell, so yes, same platform from what I can see.



    Interesting point to note, I have just tried to view my own blog and cannot get in, yet I can get into WordPress by responding to the emails on the forum and the messages from WP informing me that someone is following or liked my blog, now why is that?



    Just started to be able to log on. Will see how long this lasts, but thanks to those who helped point this out to Talk Talk.



    And now the problem is back.


    Arggg! It was all going so well ….and now it’s back!



    I am having the same problem. I acknowledge that this seems no fault of WordPress and thanks to them for letting us discuss it on this forum. I, too, am in the UK and use chrome and TalkTalk. Suddenly a few days ago I stopped being able to get onto any WordPress sites including my blog admin page and this forum. Funnily enough, my husband can access the wordpress sites on his computer even though he’s on TalkTalk and the same router. Only difference is he’s on Windows Vista, mine is XP. I don’t know if that would be significant.

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