Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

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    I want to add that I also am having continual problems accessing WordPress, uploading, etc. This needs to be resolved soon.



    Do we have any updates which can be shared? (Asking here as the other thread is still closed to comment.)

    Even uploading after drafting using an offline editor is getting frustrating.



    A reply from Support received at 3.20 pm BST today: “We are still working on this with the UK ISPs. Since the issue isn’t on our end, it’s impossible for us to say how long it will take to resolve. We are making progress with them every day, and more users are able to regain proper access with each step. We would love for all our users to have access immediately, but as mentioned, we can only help these ISPs to fix the error.”


    Dear Engineers, Management and Mr Matt Mullenweg,
    Are you aware of today’s BBC news on Talktalk (my ISP) use of Chinese Huawei filtering system? See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-23452097
    Can you assure UK Users that Talktalk management have been playing ball and this is not afflicting your service in any way whatsoever? (As mentioned earlier, this is too coincidental)
    Thanks and hoping for return to usual ‘happiness’ next week.



    And WordPress is banned in China.



    We are aware that WordPress.com blogs are blocked by the Chinese government but that is not on topic for this thread.



    Well, I HOPE and expect that you’ll all vote for the Pirate Party after this fiasco!



    Hi, I would like to share the problems I’m having on http://www.poemotherapishoppe.com. I’m located in the United States. The issues are the following:
    1. When I try to Like certain blog post, I am unable to Like them. Instead it tries to make me leave a comment.
    2. When I visit some of blogs I frequently visit, I will get a message that says, 403 Forbidden. I would be unable to connect to these blogs. Now, as far as the term, 403 Forbidden, I’m not sure what this means, except I know that I communicate often with the owner of the blog!!

    3. I’ve noticed when I have new visitors to my site, I will start out at one favorable number but by the end of the day end up in the red! When all I’ve had is activity on my page.

    4. There has been reports to me from other blog owners, that they are unable to Like my posts, or leave comments. I was really hoping that these issues, and any other issues other bloggers may be experiencing could be fixed. Thank you in advance for looking into our issues WordPress.



    “We are aware that WordPress.com blogs are blocked by the Chinese government but that is not on topic for this thread.” — My point related directly to one made by rjaybee.



    I was talking about a possible bug in the filtering system. rjaybee’s point seemed worth considering.



    @davidderrick – So because TalkTalk is using a Chinese-made filtering system, you think that is the reason WordPress.com is now blocked in the UK? Who knows, there’s certainly been all kinds of speculation in this thread.

    @mrsjacoby19 – It doesn’t sound like the issues you are experiencing are related to this topic and I therefore suggestion you open your own thread.



    No. The UK blocks are far more pervasive than has been reported in the media, and I’m not surprised WP.com got caught in the crossfire. It’s not just one IP, it’s many, and it’s JUST the UK. So next time, vote Pirate Party. I’m not even kidding.


    In view of Timethief’s response I’m now far from convinced that my comment is being taken seriously because it IS directly related to this topic. So am no longer confident WP are able to ‘join the dots’.

    This frustrating issue has stolen a lot of everyone’s time and may have been resolved by now had it been purely WP software.

    As a retired UK government IT User-liaison/Helpdesk Manager I have a great deal of time and respect for software engineers, but there’s a tendency to lose sight of customer satisfaction. (Hence my earlier suggestion of regular updates.)

    Presumably this has been escalated to senior techs and business management and for directors to deal at industrial level with what’s clearly a global issue? (Surely Matt M is aware and not na├»ve?) I guess assurance that this has been escalated to apply pressure where req’d may not be forthcoming for a while.



    @rjaybee – Just to clarify, Staff members posting in the Community forums are signified by a gray box around their avatar with the words “Staff” or “Happiness Engineer” below their name. Anyone else posting is a community member, including the forum volunteers of whom timethief is probably the most experienced of us.

    Staff (rachelmcr) updated on the 26th; but I’ve tagged this thread to request additional Staff input since this seems to be an ongoing problem.



    I’m relieved to hear that the problem seems to be being resolved for some people, but would like to hear whether WP has had any contact with Phone Coop? They told me a while ago that they’ve not put anything in place that would block WP blogs. Since Friday 19th, i.e for a week now, I’ve only had intermittent access to my blog. When I do get access it seems to work normally as along as I keep the connection. This sounds slightly different from some other people’s experiences?

    Since I’ve had a previous problem (last May, the ‘like/comments’ symbol stopped functioning properly) that co-incided with a Trojan being found in my computer (nothing else was affected), I would appreciate some (non-technical) reassurance that my current connection problem is not ‘gremlin’ related.

    Many thanks



    Continuing to have the problem and looking at my stat counter which is independent from the WordPress facility this IP address keeps appearing…..

    Talktalk ( [Label IP Address] c.statcounter.com/9010739/0/811bd528/0/

    Clicking on it just shows the stat counter and number of visitors I have had looking at my WordPress pages.

    So, today I went to google it and it would appear that it crops up time and again in various forms and is a “known pest”.

    Not being a geek and not knowing how to block it from statcounter or viewing my posts… I do wonder whether this may be interfering with WordPress? Maybe a technician is able to answer and resolve this issue?

    Does anyone else use StatCounter, has anyone noticed this particular IP address viewing your posts.

    Interesting that it is a TalkTalk IP address too.




    It is not inconceivable that something in the Chinese filter is to blame. Some types of screening preference may be lodged in there which are having an effect. I was referring to a point made by somebody else. And there’s a kind of patronising, borderline rude, tone in some of these responses which is not called for. At least, that is how it comes across.



    I had the same problems experienced by everyone else but using a couple of workarounds am now able to work on my current blogs and register new blogs. This workaround has so far lasted a week and works on IE/Firefox/Chrome on my home computer, laptop and at work (different IP).
    I changed my password to one generated by WP (upper/lower case with numbers etc) as advised in a previous posting by rjaybee (hats off) and was then immediately able to get into my blogs. I was still having problems creating a new blog until I plugged in my phone and used that as a modem. I am now able to register a blog as well as work on pages. I have no idea how or why it works or whether it will last but it might be interesting to hear of anyone else who has tried using a phone or dongle to manage their WP blog.
    I am with TT and my phone sim is 3 and although no longer available, I imagine a dongle would work just as well.



    Just a reminder: You can use Post by email or an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer until this is fixed. It may not post when you first try, but it will always save a copy so you can just try again. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it will take fewer than six tries.


    Many thanks indeed and much appreciated Jennifer. It helps to know who’s who.

    My online schedule is tight, excludes evenings and Fri-Sun are usually protected family time. Blogging has developed a gift in being led to perceive valid connections between things. I spotted significant news when I had no reason to visit source (ie. intuition). Therefore, in view of its possible importance I broke into that discipline late evening and contacted this Forum.
    So I was a tad irked that my time and effort was not appreciated, and it has eaten into Saturday chores. (As well as delays to my work)

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