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    The site pages tab is missing from the dashboard of one of my sites! How do I fix this? Thanks ^_^

    The blog I need help with is aworldoftomorrow.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    Your account only has the Author role on aworldoftomorrow.wordpress.com. Accounts with an Author role cannot create or edit pages on a site, but can only create posts and edit their own posts.

    To be able to manage pages you need to have the Editor or Admin role. Only an existing admin on the site can change your current role.


    Thank you for the response. How do I change that? I’m the owner, I set it up, and I’m the only person who uses it. How did that happen? My other 2 sites, that are connected, don’t have this issue, and I don’t even use them 😣



    I’m the owner, I set it up, and I’m the only person who uses it. How did that happen?

    It looks like you created a second account around the same time you made the site, then added beckum4change as an author.

    Do you have other email addresses you use, and could you try logging out and logging back in with one of those?


    I’ll try doing that.



    @beckum4change, you bet. I noticed you didn’t log into the account yet, so if you need more help, please update us here.


    I tried to log out and log back in with a different email, but this is the only email I have used, because it doesn’t recognize the others. This is so strange! What else can I do?



    @beckum4change the other account is definitely under a different email address, and the address was confirmed when you created the site.

    Can you think back to other email addresses you would have been using when you created the site?


    Yes…remembered earlier than my son was also working on it. I’m working with him to get this resolved.

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