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    Hi guys.
    It’s a long time that I’m searching for a plugin that satisfy two steps payment. In the way that user first select some options in the form and click approve button and receives a tracking code, after that the site admin receives the request and checks it and sets the price for it. Finally user comes to site and checks the tracking code for if the price is settled and then can pay the price and finalize the order.
    Does anyone know any plugin to satisfy this conditions or I have to rent a programmer for it.



    Hi @mregnr, you might try asking in the forums for self hosted sites:

    These forums are primarily for the free sites hosted here at, and as free sites don’t allow plugins, the community here isn’t likely to have as many recommendations.

    Also, while this isn’t what you’re referring to, do know that merchants will be required to use SCA soon. More info here:


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