Two Accounts, One Email

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    Hi!! I am very stuck and frustrated (with myself). I seem to have 2 wordpress accounts under one email. I am only able to log into one it seems, when I really want to log into the other, which is a PAID site that I am really interested in building. Can you help me get access to my paid account:
    My email: (email redacted)



    Hi there,

    I seem to have 2 wordpress accounts under one email.

    That is completely impossible :)

    An email address is the unique identifier for a username account, so there is no way to have two accounts associated with the same email address.

    You are currently logged in as the account, sarahhogue1975, and you can see the email address for this account at belongs to a different account, associated with a completely different email address. To log into that account, first log out of this one, then enter either the username or the other email you used for that other account.

    If you don’t remember the correct login details for that account, please follow our account recovery process at so we can help you regain access.

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