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    Hi there

    Today I changed my blog Book-reviewers Online to the 20-20 theme.

    The posts on the home page each have a featured image and excerpt but no “Read more” button.

    The demo shows a reader can click on “Read more” rather than have to scroll up to the Title of the post (which is not desirable given there is an image and a block of text to scroll upward past). Other Themes have the home page blogs with a Read More.

    Why are my posts not showing READ MORE?

    I changed the theme from Broadsheet ( the reason being I was on a Premium plan and that included a premium theme, but had to go back to a free plan due to the ongoing cost of the premium plan not giving me the returns I wanted, like reviewers joining in and posting their own reviews ).

    Thanks for any advice.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry I can’t work out how to EDIT my request above.

    Here’s the Link to the blog that I’m having trouble with, using 20-20



    Howdy! Thanks for the URL.

    Use the guide below to add the More Block to your latest post. This should bring the “Read More” button to the post excerpt on the home page. :)

    If that works, you’ll need to apply the same block to all posts that appear on your home page now, and posts in the future.



    Thanks so much, I will tweak the first post and then as there aren’t too many altogether in my blog, will probably adjust at least those which show up on the home page without loading more.

    Have a great weekend, take care.

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