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    I wanted to change the color, font and size of the title of my blog. I was told by support I needed to do a CSS upgrade to do this. However they won’t tell me how difficult this is to do, or give me any tips on how to do it. Actually their support department isn’t responding at all. Not helpful.

    With a twenty theme theme, and after a CSS upgrade, how do I change the color, font and size of the title of my blog?

    Many Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    I would suggest looking at the top of the CSS forum and looking over some of the tutorials and then play with the CSS using the preview function that wordpress provides before buying the upgrade. Try things out.

    There is no official support for the CSS upgrade and they don’t teach “CSS.” Basically you are on your own. There are only a couple people here that can answer CSS questions, myself included, and due to continually overrunning my monthly bandwidth allotment on my internet service, I am not going to be around much for the foreseeable future, so that leaves only one.

    If you get into a problem or get stuck, you can ask questions here in the CSS forum, but it might be up to a couple days before an answer will come through. We are all volunteers and life sometimes catches up to us and demands attention.


    I am having the same problems with the CSS editing in Twenty ten.
    When finally I change the color of the title, then it was impossible to change the background color.

    Thank for your support


    This will change the colour, font and size of your main blog title:

    #site-title a {color:#f00; font-family:courier; font-size:1.3em;}


    The font on my blog changed today after ten months and I now hate the look it. If I cannot figure out how to make it return to the former font, I will be moving my blog. Can anyone offer help or a reason why this suddenly changed?


    Apparently you copied and pasted from another source in your latest post and it brought in junk code.

    Open that post in the editor, select everything in that post and from the “format” pulldown at the left end of the lower tool bar select “paragraph”.

    Next, with everything still selected, click the “remove formatting” button on the lower toolbar. Then go back in and fix the formatting as required manually.

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