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    I am trying to do a few things with the Twenty Sixteen Theme.

    1. I want to make the top header smaller… there is so much space at the top… way too much padding! But, wondering what the best way to do that is? I want it to look like a normal website nav.

    2. I want to be able to show the Author’s image on the home page, not just on the post. It’s showing on the post… how can I make it so that it shows on the home screen as well?

    3. I want to be able to have the featured image ABOVE the post title. So that it goes: Image, Title, post preview. How can that be done?


    1. I set top-padding: 10px!important; to create a smaller space.

    Still looking into 2-3. Any help would be appreciated!



    For #3, the Portfolio feature can automatically format the page in that way. You can use this short code to specify if a page is a “portfolio” page and its formatting.

    I used it and this was the result:

    You can always change the name of the page from “Portfolio” to something else.


    Hi @beccaelligcorpcore7com, the easiest way to have the author show on the main page is to add it to the main page content area, either at the top, or bottom of the content area.


    @thesacredpath do you have any docs or anything on how to add that?


    Hi, you would open that page in the page editor and then insert your image. If you want a description to go along with it, then you can perhaps left align the image and add your text beside of the image. This support document explains about uploading and inserting images into posts and pages.

    Let me know if you have any problems.


    Hmm… @thesacredpath I’m not sure if that is going to work?
    I want the author’s image to appear next to each blog post… authors may not be the same for each blog post. And I want this to show on the home page which is all blog posts, not a separate page.



    So the home page will actually be the list of recent posts, and you’re hoping to have the author photo show up next to each one, is that correct?

    For what it’s worth, you’ll likely want something more than CSS. A plugin or child theme may be in order.

    But if you only have a few authors, it might be doable with CSS. We’ll need you to add a few test posts to confirm, and also send links to the images you’d like to use for each author.

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