Twenty Seventeen Theme wont load video on mobile

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    As the title says, we are using the theme Twenty Seventeen and have a youtube video as our header with a slideshow, we will be replacing it with a proper video of the salon but before we do I was checking that it loaded correctly on all platforms and I have noticed that no matter what your mobile device is you cannot view the video. It mentions in the info that the video may not show until it loads, and would be replaced by an image which you can choose whilst loading, but even after waiting several minutes it has not changed on any ones devices – so i dont think this is the problem.

    The header and video work fine and look fine on desktop.

    Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there, my first thoughts are that it’s probably intentionally omitted on mobile, because you wouldn’t want people who pay per megabyte to get hit with a bigger bill just for visiting your site. I checked the theme docs and found this, too:

    Header video will not be displayed on screens smaller than 900px wide by 500px high, which includes most mobile devices, where bandwidth is a often a concern.

    If the video is important, you might consider putting it in the content area, where a person can press play to load it up if they want to, regardless of device.

    I hope that helps!


    Thank you! Thats perfect.

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