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    I am experiencing problems with the media size in Twenty Eleven Theme.

    The theme tells me to size my Featured Post pictures at leas 1000 x 288 but unfortunately I can’t upload that large pictures as my only option after the upload is either:

    Thumbnail (150 × 43)
    Medium (300 × 86)
    Large NOT AVAILABLE (gray dot)
    Full Size (584 × 168)

    Any idea what is going on? I have tried to set the media size to over 1000 x 288 but I’m not able to.

    I’m using the Twenty Eleven theme with Showcase at the moment.



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    To use an image as a featured image for a post or a page, do not worry about those settings and do not insert them into the post or page. When you upload the image, there is a link down at the bottom that says use as featured image or something like that. Click that link and then you can click “save all changes” and the image will then show up as the header for that page or post.


    Hi thesacredpath!

    Thanks for the tip. I tried that but it does not function. I make a new post, mark it as Standard, upload it to my Gallery and I use it as Featured Image. It still does not function properly.

    Could it be in the settings?


    Look through this support document on featured images.


    A-ha! I did not select the Sticky option in “Visibility”. Now it’s solved.

    If someone is as blind as I am, remember to:

    Visibility: Public, Sticky
    [x] Public
    [x] Stick this post to the front page

    Under the Publish, on the right side.

    Thanks thesacredpath


    Glad you got it worked out and you are welcome.

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