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    Hi, one of our site readers was wondering about embedding a tweet into her blog post comment.

    I see the support tips indicate that tweet embed is available for post comments, but it doesn’t appear to be operating when we’re trying some test comments using either the URL or the suggested shortcode method. Is there a trick to it for the comment section?

    Embedding the same URL or trying the shortcode format works in a test post, but the same entry in the comment entry is treated as text and shows up as the comment itself.

    The blog I need help with is


    Good morning –

    It looks like you have comment moderation enabled. I left a test comment with a tweet from the NYT. How did that come through?

    Comment added to this post:


    We embed Twitter links in to posts and comments all the time for Automattic. Literally, every day :)

    I’m curious about your set up and wondering if there’s something running interference.

    Can you tell me which browser and operating system you’re using, and if you have any browser extensions or ad blocks in place?



    Yes, we’ve found that’s wise…

    Our visitors who sometimes share interesting tweets come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and visit from both mobile and standard devices.

    I don’t recall ever seeing the twitter embed display in the comment section (youtube does display however as you can see now).

    Personally I typically use Chrome from a Windows laptop but in testing things, I also have Opera, Firefox, Edge and whatnot. In the specific question here, I looked at it on my laptop from Chrome, Firefox and Edge and don’t see the tweet embed in any of those, nor when I log in from a different browser on my Android phone.

    Playing with it yesterday, I wondered if maybe it worked on the posts with the text edit mode, but not in the comments if that was operating in pseudo visual mode. However that works, all we’re getting so far as I can tell is the tweet URL displayed as text or URL. Curious what you’re seeing.



    Hi there,

    Twitter embeds in comments are not possible on Business Plan sites using plugins. When you install a plugin or a custom theme on your site we have to change some things about how your site works behind the scenes, and a side-effect of that is that some unique features are lost as a result.

    We do have this on the list to fix, but for right now I’m afraid I don’t have a solution for you.

    Also note that as a Business Plan customer you have access to 24/7 live chat support for help with troubleshooting issues like these – you don’t need to post in the public forums for help, and in fact I’d advise against it as volunteers in this forum don’t have access to our internal tools needed to support the advanced features of your site.

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