Tumblr importer custom domain not working

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    Hi folks,

    This has been pretty frustrating 24 hours. 😭

    1) I’m trying to import tumblr to wordpress using the import tool connecting to tumblr
    2) It’s one of 4 tumblrs I have
    3) It says it’s custom domain so I can’t import it
    4) I went to tumblr and removed custom domain so am now using dotty.tumblr.com
    5) Came back to wordpress, waited many hours (it’s been more than 24h at this point)
    6) In between and just now, have tried to disconnect tumblr on wordpress and also deleted wordpress app on tumblr then reconnected countless times
    7) Still shows my old custom domain on the import list on the tool and says I can’t import it

    Am using chrome on desktop and mobile and have tried clearing my cache too.

    I really would like to fix this issue. 🙏

    The blog I need help with is dosh.kim.



    Quick update: I think it’s WordPress server-side cache issue. I’ve looked at the import tumblr screen on another wordpress and it shows up as importable, but the current one that I’m trying to import into is still showing the old custom domain name.



    Hi there,

    The Tumblr importer on http://dosh.kim/ is completely inactive – it is not stuck, nor even connected to any site on Tumblr’s end. I’ve forced a reset in any case. Please see if it works now.



    It’s working now! Forced reset worked!



    Hi WordPress support wizards,

    I am having the same issue doshkim had. I am trying to import from Tumblr but it shows as Custom Domain even though I’ve removed that.

    Tumblr URL: cbcdiversity.tumblr.com
    My WordPress site: cbcdiversity.home.blog

    Can you help me please?


    Hi cbcdiversity –

    Please make sure that both Tumblr and WordPress.com accounts are linked. I’ve reset the importer and you can give it another try. Write back if you need further help.



    Hey all, It appears that @cbcdiversity has since opened their own thread at https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/tumblr-importer-not-working-4/ and as the original poster’s issue has been resolved, I’ll go ahead and close this thread to further replies. Cheers.

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