Tumblr Import Not Working – Help?

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    I’ve let it run for almost 2 days and it’s not working at all. No progress, at all.
    How can this be fixed? Help?

    The blog I need help with is randomnexus.wordpress.com.


    Hi randomnexus,

    I’ve double checked to confirm your import is still queued. It didn’t cancel. But please do reconnect to your Tumblr account if you’ve disconnected it, as that could be preventing it from starting.

    We’re processing quite a few imports from Tumblr at the moment, which is causing a backlog of imports in our system. While it may look like your import failed, it’s just in line for processing, and luckily it’s still in the queue. At this point I’m not able to give an estimate on how long it might take to catch up with the backlog, though.



    Hi, Gemmacevans,

    I haven’t disconnected from tumblr, definitely. It’s just every time I check there’s no progress of any kind, but if there’s a huge queue, then that explains that.

    How long would you advise waiting before worrying, then, though I get that you can’t say exactly how long it will take; can you give a ballpark?

    Thanks for your help!



    Hi there,

    It appears the Tumblr import on your site has now failed (after importing around 5000 posts), so I’ve reset the importer so you can try again.

    If it seems to take long, please be patient and don’t try cancelling the process yourself – we’re still experiencing a high volume of imports from Tumblr at the moment causing a backlog of pending imports in our system. The imports are being run in the order they are submitted, but it could be a few days before your new import is processed.



    Hi, Kokkieh,

    Okay, so you reset it and that means I must start the process all over. I’ll do that right away. Back to the end of the line with me, then, I guess.

    Thanks for the info and the assist!

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