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    Tumblr import made no progress from start, even after 10 hours of running. No post, drafts or pages were imported during that time.

    The blog I need help with is headcanonsandmore.home.blog.



    Hi there, there is a sticky post at the top of our forums which has the most current updates about the tumblr import situation. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/tumblr-imports/ and which now says:

    At this point we are unable to provide an estimate on how long it might take for queued imports to complete. Our importer is processing thousands of posts a minute, but the backlog is very big so please be patient – it might be a few days before your import will start once it’s queued.

    Given that hundreds of folks are trying to import from tumblr at the same time, there is a delay. Please be patient and do not disconnect your tumblr account from the import and if you have done so, please reconnect it.

    If you are porting your site to WordPressdotcom due to the change in tumblr’s policy on adult content, please make sure to review WordPressdotcom’s policys on mature content




    Hi there,

    I’ve double checked to confirm your import is still queued. It didn’t get stuck. But please do reconnect to your Tumblr account if you’ve disconnected it, as that could be preventing it from starting.

    We’re processing quite a few imports from Tumblr at the moment, which is causing a backlog of imports in our system. While it may look like your import failed, it’s just in line for processing, and luckily it’s still in the queue. At this point I’m not able to give an estimate on how long it might take to catch up with the backlog, though.

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