Troubles to access dashboard

  • Hello!

    Me and another few hundreds of users do not have an access to our dashboards from Kazakhstan. We would like to ask if it is related to our local troubles or troubles at your side? In case if this is our troubles could support us in resolving them by providing information of quantity of users from Kazakhstan who have registered and active blogs at

    Thank you,
    Blog url:

  • Are you able to access the local front page or any other blogs? Is it just your Dashboard that you aren’t able to access?

  • No, absolutely not. Any of other blogs located at are not accessible from Kazakhstan. However other ISPs didn’t ban the access, as our major ISP Kazakhteleom is doing now. This is not their first ban, previously Kazakhtelecom ISP has banned as well. We might suppose this is government limitation for users, however we are not aware of the underlying reasons. What usually Automattic does when some of countries ban for users?

  • There is absolutely nothing that we can do when countries choose to censor

    I recommend contacting your government’s officials.

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