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    Hi there!
    Is it possible to get trial access to a Business account? I need to understand whether WordPress is suitable for me or not. I don’t want to pay, and then ask you to return the money if I can’t adapt WordPress to my needs. Hope for your understanding :)

    Site: Yes
    Correct account: Yes



    It might serve your needs better to do a self hosted WordPress site. Hosting is much cheaper than the business plan and you will have access to the full version of WordPress.

    Check to see if we can help. We provide hosting for our clients.



    Hello there,

    Happy to help you with this.

    Check to see if we can help. We provide hosting for our clients.

    You actually don’t need to pay for hosting at all if you’re looking to test things out.

    You can run tests on a local copy of WordPress for free. Please see how to set this up here:

    We hope this helps.



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