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  • Google have recently added few more languages to the translation service. Based upon this conversation, here is the updated code in it’s simplest form.

    How to use:
    1. Copy the below code.
    2. Paste in Notepad.
    3. Bring your cursor at the top of the page in Notepad.
    3. Go to Edit – Replace (Ctrl+H).
    4. Type ismailimail where it says “Find what:”.
    5. Type your blog name (minus the where it says “Replace with:”.
    6. Click Replace all.
    7. Copy/paste the code in’s text widget.

    That’s it.

    Translate this blog into different languages...
    <br /><br />
    <a href=";langpair=en|sq&amp;u=" title="Albanian">Albanian</a>
    <a href=";langpair=en|ar&amp;u=" title="Arabic">Arabic</a>
    <a href=";langpair=en|bg&amp;u=" title="Bulgarian">Bulgarian</a>
    <a href=";langpair=en|ca&amp;u=" title="Catalan">Catalan</a>
    <a href=";langpair=en|zh-CN&amp;u=" title="Chinese Simplified">Chinese Simplified</a>
    <a href="|zh-TW&u=" title="Chinese Traditional">Chinese Traditional</a>
    <a href="|hr&u=" title="Croatian">Croatian</a>
    <a href="|cs&u=" title="Czech">Czech</a>
    <a href="|da&u=" title="Danish">Danish</a>
    <a href="|nl&u=" title="Dutch">Dutch</a>
    <a href="|et&u=" title="Estonian">Estonian</a>
    <a href="|tl&u=" title="Filipino">Filipino</a>
    <a href="|fi&u=" title="Finnish">Finnish</a>
    <a href="|fr&u=" title="French">French</a>
    <a href="|gl&u=" title="Galician">Galician</a>
    <a href="|de&u=" title="German">German</a>
    <a href="|el&u=" title="Greek">Greek</a>
    <a href="|iw&u=" title="Hebrew">Hebrew</a>
    <a href="|hi&u=" title="Hindi">Hindi</a>
    <a href="|hu&u=" title="Hungarian">Hungarian</a>
    <a href="|id&u=" title="Indonesian">Indonesian</a>
    <a href="|it&u=" title="Italian">Italian</a>
    <a href="|ja&u=" title="Japanese">Japanese</a>
    <a href="|ko&u=" title="Korean">Korean</a>
    <a href="|lv&u=" title="Lativian">Lativian</a>
    <a href="|lt&u=" title="Lithuanian">Lithuanian</a>
    <a href="|mt&u=" title="Maltese">Maltese</a>
    <a href="|no&u=" title="Norwegian">Norwegian</a>
    <a href="|pl&u=" title="Polish">Polish</a>
    <a href="|pt&u=" title="Portuguese">Portuguese</a>
    <a href="|ro&u=" title="Romanian">Romanian</a>
    <a href="|ru&u=" title="Russian">Russian</a>
    <a href="|sr&u=" title="Serbian">Serbian</a>
    <a href="|sk&u=" title="Slovak">Slovak</a>
    <a href="|sl&u=" title="Slovenian">Slovenian</a>
    <a href="|es&u=" title="Spanish">Spanish</a>
    <a href="|sv&u=" title="Swedish">Swedish</a>
    <a href="|th&u=" title="Thai">Thai</a>
    <a href="|tr&u=" title="Turkish">Turkish</a>
    <a href="|uk&u=" title="Ukrainian">Ukrainian</a>
    <a href="|vi&u=" title="Vietnamese">Vietnamese</a>
  • Wow, you have done outstanding work on this. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for this helpful post,,,but i modified more, so the widget can have a logo of google translate

    this is the link code :

    <a title=”English” href=”|en&u=“paste your link blog here“img src=”paste link image location google translate disini” border=”0″ alt=””

    sample link google translate image location :

  • Thanks for updating your excellent thread, ismailimail. Bookmarked. :)

  • This code appears to be translating foreign language blogs into English by auto-detecting the language.

    Give that a try, but replace the word “yourblogaddress” with your blog name.

  • Hello all,
    This is a great conversation. My question is very simple. I only need to translate my Spanish blog into English. I don’t really need all the other flags etc. Is there a code or something that I can use only with Spanish and English flag?

    Thank you so much for the help guys!!

  • Or a have a idea, create a page “Options” and put this links ;)

  • @ismailimail Thanks for your code. I have been trying it on my blog but I have a question. Is there a way to customize the code to individual posts on my blog?

    I noticed that the code translates all my blog posts, starting each time with the most recent one. I would like the translation to be done only on the post that the reader goes to. Is this possible?

  • @shadmia, I think it may not be possible unless you copy the code in each posts. However, I have seen the translation frame stays as is when reader browse around other posts within the same blog. So practically, people can get the translated posts as long as they stay within the frame.

  • @ismailimail, Thanks I will keep playing with it.

  • Love this. But I have the following issue. It somehow does not see the latest post. If you click on it the lats page pops up not the current one. If you go to the current all is fine…

  • Thank you very much, I was looking for that, but to translate from Spanish, just an easy change in your code.


    In English, thanks to you|en&u=

  • Hi Folks,

    I tried all and research even more to translate my blog from PORTUGUESE to english…can someone help?
    I put the code for portuguese as pt…but still didn’t work……Thanks

  • Hi Folks,

    This was the feedback that I got from the support team…
    I did as he said as pages – but it ddoes not look good as yours…if someone has a hint, I will be grateful.

    By the way, my blog is


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Anthony – <>
    Date: 2009/5/12
    Subject: [WordPress #302371]: Languages – that none of the codes did work.
    To: [Email Removed By T3ck]
    There are currently no built-in translation tools within You can, however, translate your blog using Google Translate – – and then link the translated versions from your blog.

    Automattic |

  • Hi, this link is working. It translates your Portuguese blog into English.

    The translation may not be accurate since it is machine based.

  • Sorry, right click on below link and do copy.
  • @pomei

    It’s best not to add email addresses in a public forum because the spam bots will have fun spamming the email address. So I went ahead and removed the email for you.

  • @ismailimail
    please can you help me with the link for translation of my blog from Romanian to English?
    my blog is

    It will be a great help for me! Thank you,

  • This is DUMB why cant we just get the google widget and put it on our site

  • The google widget requires javascript and javascript is not allowed due to security concerns. Facebook and some others have been brought down by bad script added by users and wordpress is very security conscious. This is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same underlying files. Bad script introduced by one could bring down many.


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