Transforming iframe to gigya shortcode to embed

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    I made a quiz on proprofs and while it gave clear instructions on how to embed it on blogs I don’t seem to have the html editor button that will actually read the embed code.

    I also embedded a prezi on my blog but used the gigya shortcode to embed it.

    Can anyone help me figure out the gigya shortcode for this:

    <iframe name=’proprofs’ id=’proprofs’ width=’450′ height=’500′ frameborder=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 src=’′></iframe><div style=’font-size:10px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;’>Present Continuous Tense ยป Quiz Maker</div>

    The blog I need help with is



    The gigya shortcode works for flash code only (tag “embed” or “object” or both).



    Thanks so much for your response. Is there anything I can do to embed this quiz then?



    You’re welcome.
    You can’t embed it – you can only link to it.



    Well, you can, if you convert your iframe to flash as explained here


    Thank you.

    I followed the instructions above: opened Tagul, shortened the URL using bitly and then inserted in the code.

    I got an N/A on my page which is more than I had before! So, I guess it’s a step in the right direction.

    So now I must ask a very stupid question (I have zero knowledge of computer code) : What is the iframe’s url exactly? I mean what part of the embed code I pasted originally constitutes this?

    I presume that what I am shortening in bityl is not the correct url hence the N/A on my wordpress page.

    Using wordpress just won’t be worth it if I can’t figure out a way to embed these interactive quizzes for my students.

    Thank you!



    Taking your example

    <iframe name='proprofs' id='proprofs' width='450' height='500' frameborder=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 src=''></iframe>

    the URL which you have to use is

    But possibly you ran into another problem as well. Please check the comment section of the post i linked to above, especially the part about curly quotes

    PD: Please note that I didn’t test the procedure, so it might not work at all (any more). The original post is two years old…


    Thanks for that.

    I used the above as the url in bityl and followed your instructions accordingly. This time what got posted to my wordpress page was the sample demo cloud in tagul – not my quiz. Again, a step up from N/A so I hope I’m going in the right direction but why would it read my quiz code as the demo cloud? When I pressed “visualize” in tagul after I had entered in the information it just a said “server internal error” or something like that.

    Also, I made sure that there weren’t any curly quotes.

    So, any ideas on what’s happening here? I feel like I’m so close…



    Typing the code manually worked fine for me.

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