Transferring a word press site from a different user to my own word press account

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    I have managed to get very confused. I am taking over a word press site for one of my customers but unsure of how I move it over to my word press account. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have the SQL File for the site.

    Site: (redacted). Yes
    Correct account: Yes



    Hello there,

    Can you confirm the URL of the site you’re looking to move please?

    Depending on the site, this will determine what options are taken to move that.

    Many thanks.


    ok, so the company has said that I can build the website again from scratch as they wanted to update its look anyway.

    for future reference is a different process depending on the individual website?

    I was looking at moving



    Hi there,

    If you’re interested in moving the site here on you can do so by using our migration tool. This will migrate all of your site’s content as well as plugins and custom themes.

    Please note that if you go that route, you’ll need to upgrade to our Business plan. If you want to get one of the other plans, then you won’t’ be able to use any plugins or custom themes and you’ll need to use the importer which only imports content (posts, page, and media files).

    You can find detailed information on both methods here:

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