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    Previously i’ve bought a domain
    I’ve add the address at “add domain to blog” and it work’s fine.

    Now i have my own hosting service provider, so i would like to transfer all my files to my new hosting service provider.

    My new hosting service provider told me to change my exiting name server to their server
    nameserver : ,

    How am i suppose to do that?
    Please help me…



    The answer is found in this thread
    under Options –> Domains from your blog’s dashboard, you will see a link that says “Manage Domains”. If you click on this link you will be able to receive access to a control panel that allows you to change your domains nameservers and point it elsewhere.



    Thanks for the info.

    I’ve change my DNS, then what should I do?

    My friend brought the same hosting service provider and a domain name. He install and he is able to change any html code and add any embed as his wish for his blog.

    After I change my DNS, can i do the same thing as my friend?
    If I can, how can I do it?

    Right now, whenever I click at Edit CSS, i still cannot edit my html code.

    Or, do i have to rebuild my homepage all aver again in my new hosting service provider?

    Thanks again.



    There’s a slight difference between .com and .org and the way it works.

    When you are hosting yourself (.org) the edit CSS button is entirely dependent on the permissions you have set for the file (style.css) in the theme you’ve chosen. It’s usually recommended that as you should have FTP access to the server you shouldn’t set permissions to make it editable from the wordpress dashboard as this is a huge security risk.

    I’m sorry to do this to you, but as you’ve gone self-hosted you need to be asking questions over at the .org site. As I mentioned, the two applications are different and there’s different ways of doing things that the guys over here probably can’t help with.

    Good luck.




    Thanks Collin.
    I’ll try asking at the .org site.



    Hi Colin –

    I have the same question — if the answer is just the same as above, let me know.
    I have a wordpress blog and want to move it to blue host as I need to sell on it and can’t do so at wordpress. The new blog is under a different name. I have downloaded in the new host but I don’t know how to export from wordpress and don’t want to lose links and presentation…don’t want to rebuild. Plus, I am not sure how to get my current wordpress dotcom blog to point to the new one without losing traffic..



    Support is closed that’s why I am posting here. I have imported into my new host (blue host) and was told it was easy to move but have been stalled for 2 mths now because I can’t seem to figure out whom I should talk to… says but I don’t have an account at the latter but here…
    blue host says to talk to wordpress



    Under “Manage” in your dashboard there is an Export option. This will get you your posts and comments I think.

    You’ll have to rebuild the sidebar manually and the presentation you will need to locate and download (assuming you don’t have the CSS upgrade!). Which theme are you using? It might be available at for you to download and put on your own hosting.

    You can’t get your dotcom blog to point automatically. The best thing to do is to make your last post on your dotcom blog to say that you have moved and give the new address.

    As above, any help with importing or trouble with your new self-hosted blog you need to sign up for an account and ask over at




    The export/import function needs to be carried out in three stages. The data can be exported from admin as an xml file. The blogroll however needs to be exported separately or can be imported direct from the new blog. Images have to be done manually. And incidentally the data import currently displays a mess of errors but AFAIK they do not affect the data. The important thing is that permalinks and .htaccess are set up correctly so that traffic is smoothly rerouted without 404s. I have just done one of these and it is not for the faint hearted. :)



    I think my situation is the opposite of the above. I am canceling my website through Lunarpages at the end of the year but want to import my blog from that host to my new free wordpress blog. They are telling me to upload a file but I have no idea where to find that…….please help.



    Lunarpages should be able to tell you how to export your blog, if it’s possible. Then you would upload that exported file to



    Just so everyone knows again:

    MIGRATING From = >
    1) In your ‘other’ hosted blog, go to your Admin => Export and export your blog. It will give you a file to save and make sure you keep track where you put it!
    2) In your blog go to your Admin => Import and chose to import the “WordPress” blog. Point the import process to your file from Step 1 and import! Voila!
    3) If you have any ‘images’ or ‘files’ that you uploaded from your old blog server, upload them to your account from the “new post” interface.

    MIGRATING From = > Other Hosting with software
    1) In your account, go to your Admin => Export and export your blog. It will give you a file to save and make sure you keep track where you put it!
    2) In your new host wordpress blog go to your Admin => Import and chose to import the “WordPress” blog. Point the import process to your file from Step 1 and import! Voila!
    3) As for files and images, don’t delete your blog and they will still be accessible without having to change anything!

    Hope that slows down the problems for everyone!


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