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    I started my blog with a transfer from tumblr, but it only transferred part of it, not all. I am now repeating the transfer but it’s been transferring for almost 48 hours and nothing changed, it’s still in progress. Can you please help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,

    Many thanks for reaching out.

    I’ve just reset the import settings for you, so you should be able to reattempt that import.

    May I ask you to clear your browser cache and confirm that you’re able to do that please.

    Many thanks in advance.



    Thanks for your reply. I emptied the browser cache but I am not able to reattempt the import, since it is still “in progress”. Please let me know what can I do. I’d like to import only the posts that weren’t imported in the first transfer, if possible. Thanks!


    Hey there,

    I reset the importer from our end. Please let me know if it is still showing that it is processing.

    Thank you!



    Yes, it is still processing.



    Also, let me tell you that I have 352 posts on tumblr. WordPress have imported only the first 242. Now it’s still processing but it’s again trying to import only 242 posts. Column of posts imported says: 0/242
    Please help me out to solve this, I really want to build my blog in wordpress, but it’s difficult to add it all one by one.
    Thanks in advance.



    ps. i have a personal payed plan.


    Okay, yeah, I see that it was still processing on my end as well. I want to see if we can start fresh, so I disconnected Tumblr from your account and reset the importer one more time. If you can try to reconnect and see if you are able to import again – usually, only the content not yet imported is transferred over.

    If there is still a processing issue, I will touch base with our team internally and see if we can get this sorted for you.




    I reconnected again wordpress with tumblr but it’s still processing and it still only mentions 0/242 posts… thanks for your help! hope you can get this sorted out, I’ll be really thankful :)
    all best



    Hi there,

    I’ve reset the Tumblr importer for your site so you can try again, as it appears to have failed. Please note that posts already on your site will be skipped by the importer.

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