Top Story Section/Category for Home Page?

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    I’m testing out some WordPress format stuff on a site (which is private for now). I know the home page lists posts in chronological order, and I’ve made it so just the headline, image, and an excerpt is shown, which I want.

    However, I want to add something above the chronologically-ordered, most recent posts on the home page. I’m looking for a way where I can have a separate section where post designated with a certain category can be up front and center (like top stories on a news site), while the section with the most recent posts remains on the bottom.

    Any way I can do this? Would I need more than a free plan?



    UPDATE: I have figured out a way to do such a thing, thanks to the Gazette theme.

    However, is there a way where said “top stories” don’t display on the most recent posts section, or would I have to live with the double post locations?

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