Tonal Theme: Can't get Full-Width Images on the home page

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    Hi there,

    I’m just now starting a blog using the Tonal Theme, by Automattic, and I’m having a bit of trouble with getting full-width featured images on the home page.

    I like the look of a full-width image across the top of the homepage, as shown in the Tonal demo. Whenever I try to set a featured image for the homepage, however, the image doesn’t even appear. (I can insert images as content blocks directly on the page, of course, but that doesn’t give me the full-width)

    This is not the case on the individual blog post pages, where the featured images not only appear, but do appear full-width.

    Any help would be appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is



    Actually, I’d like to make an update:

    It’s not just the homepage. On all “pages,” even if I set a featured image, no featured image appears.

    On blog posts, the featured images work. It’s just the “pages” that don’t seem to have functioning featured images.



    Hi Mike,

    First, the large featured image near the top of the Tonal demo is that of the most recent post. It’s not a featured image assigned to that page, which is the default blog page.

    Second, this page is your blog page. It’s evidently been assigned as your blog page at Customize > Homepage Settings, where you’ve also apparently assigned a static front page. The homepage,, is displaying that static page. Static pages on the Tonal theme don’t display featured images (even though you can set featured images on them).

    Unlike a static page, the blog page is dynamic, meaning that each time you publish a new post that post is added to the top of the blog page. The featured image of the most recent post on your blog page is displaying at the same size as the featured images on the Tonal demo front page.

    If you’d prefer to display the blog page on the front page, instead of a static page, then at Customize > Homepage Settings > Your homepage displays, choose the option “Your latest posts,” and then save the change by clicking the Publish button.




    A site header image may be displayed on a static page on Tonal, at Customize > Header Image, but the header image on Tonal doesn’t display with the same dimensions as featured images. The width is the same, but it’s not as tall.



    The featured image of the most recent post on your blog page is displaying at the same size as the featured images on the Tonal demo front page.

    Correction: I should have said that the featured image of your latest post has the same width as that of the latest post on the demo. In each case it appears to be the maximum allowed by the theme.

    The width and height at which featured images display varies on the blog page of the Tonal demo, and this is dependent upon both the theme’s design and the dimensions of the file images used to create the displayed featured images.



    Thank you so much for the help!



    You’re welcome!

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