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    Can you tell me any appropriate reason for doing this?
    Can you claim a single advantage of even yours?
    Do you want people to give up WordPress?
    Do you want only a hot topic to discuss engaging people for the sake of increase in ratting?
    You guys always change things and people mostly don’t like changes like you have done first with Carousel, then new stat etc and now this bloody change. It is not that this is for free and we accept a messed for free.



    Please provide an opt-in/out facility. I dont like not having control over this feature.




    We will move off WordPress if we have to. We currently pay you for every option you ask payment for (except 2 small ones). We cannot afford to have our site look unprofessional. It’s amazing that you can take our money– then not give us options to use/not use your “changes” and “improvements”.

    It truly doesn’t matter that we pay.

    FREE and Paying customers alike UNILATERALLY HATE this decision you’ve made– completely without asking or providing an option to opt-out.

    Adding an opt-out should take one of your geniuses about a minute to implement.

    Then watch, in RECORD NUMBERS, the number of COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS that click the box to DO AWAY with your “cool” change.

    You don’t want our money– or our support? (I have personally convinced over 40 people to move over from Blogger. Many use our theme. Many most likely want my head on a stick now.)

    Again, if this can’t be fixed immediately– we will be forced to take our business elsewhere… Virtually immediately. We cannot afford to look unprofessional. We are building our reputation and your change has COMPLETELY RUINED the look of our site. I am sure many of my colleagues will do the same.



    … or remove it all together.



    By the way… Not understanding what happened… We spent hours last night attempting to figure out what WE did wrong to OUR site?

    Thanks for wasting almost 4 hours of my life — plus all the time it is going to take to leave here… If we are forced to go.



    Quick workaround for those with the Custom Design upgrade:

    .infinite-wrap {

    #nav-above,#nav-below {

    I’ve tested this with both themes and it seems to work. As usual, use it at your own risk, stuff may break, etc. etc.



    I have no clue what happened with the code tags there. Never mind.



    Wank, is that the working code? Or is it incomplete?



    Yes, it’s complete. The first bit kills the infinite scroll, the second bit brings back the links to older pages.


    Dear WordPress,

    It is now 48 hours since Matias Ventura started this thread with the announcement of the infinite scroll change and we have heard not one word from you.

    (Interestingly and by the way, I checked Matias’ site earlier today by clicking the link on his name – nice site – but I now see that the link is disabled. I also note that if you go to his site now, there is a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. But I digress …)

    Would someone please respond to this thread, at the very least to let people know where things stand and what, if anything is being done. As bad as your decision to implement infinite scroll has been, your silence has been much worse.

    You asked us to post feedback. By now, I think you have a pretty good idea as to what that feedback is telling you. It’s your turn to respond. This is, after all, supposed to be a dialogue, isn’t it?

    Please take the time to get back to us. It would be much appreciated.



    My conundrum is that the footer area was the only reasonable place to put widgets in this theme…
    The right-side sidebar, for some reason I cannot understand, does NOT appear when viewing a specific post or a specific page.
    It appears ONLY when viewing the home page or a ‘category’ or a ‘tag’.

    The footer area is now broken for the ‘home’ page, but it is still there when viewing single posts.

    Well at least be consistent, if you’re gonna break the footer area for the home page, break it for all other pages too! :P
    … otherwise how could I possible make it so I have my widgets show either on the sidebar or on the footer and not on both at the same time???

    One more reason this change is broken.
    tyvm for forcing me to waste my time again on finding a theme I find agreeable…



    Never change a winning theme!

    If you really want to implement this new feature – why not create an altogether new theme?

    The very least should be the possibility of an opt-out!



    If this isn’t resolved over the weekend (removed or option to opt out) I’m moving my page to another host. Why should I go to a different theme when you might just break that one next?



    “Why should I go to a different theme when you might just break that one next? “

    Exactly! There is no reason to believe, and I have no confidence that, such radical changes that totally destroy a theme won’t be forced upon us with any other theme.

    There are so many things wrong with this change. Number one being it is a terrible change that destroyed the very identity of the theme, as many here have noted. But even if it was a universally loved change, the manner in which it has been implemented is pathetically amateurish and disrespectful. For instance, the background image is only visible for the very top of the page. Use the infinite scroll and the background turns black. Way to go for rolling out a change that looks like a work in progress on some hack site rather than a fully finished, polished adjustment!



    Please remove this feature or have it as an option. I have very important links and widgets in my footer that my readers need to read.



    Howdy guys, thanks for the feedback.

    The initial usage stats from infinite scroll look really good — people are reading more posts which means they’re spending more time on your site. As you might guess, people are way more likely to just scroll down than they were to click the “next page” button — it’s faster and better. It’s the future of all web pages with more than one page of content.

    We’re still working out some bugs, and as some of you noted your footer widgets are temporarily inaccessible, and figuring out the best way to deal with that and other edge cases.

    A few people have asked if “everyone” is against this why we’re just not turning it off. Well, there’s a thread like this which seems overly negative for pretty much everything we launch. People don’t come to the forums to say they like something they usually come when they have a problem. That’s why we ask for feedback on the forums, to find the problems, not to gauge popularity. For that we’ve learned to look at stats, what people do versus what they say. This is better because it allows us to get feedback from millions of people in addition to the few thousand who frequent the forums. Both voices are important.

    Thanks for your patience, and as we fix these issues up we’ll continue rolling out infinite scrolling to the rest of the themes that work with it. Also thank you to the people on the thread who provided calm, rational feedback without attacks or hyperbole. The team is always here for you.


    An update on infinite scroll: Thanks for your feedback and patience, everybody. If you’re using footer widgets to display content in your blog, you can now disable infinite scrolling by visiting your Reading settings, in your dashboard. We’re still working on improving the reading experience with infinite scroll, including how well it integrates with your themes and customizations.

    Update: For the latest news on Infinite Scroll, please see

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