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    I am trying to delete my account. I just got the billing for the end of the year for the WordPress account but do not want to further continue with WordPress. I tried deleting my account but it Keeps saying there is some error and to contact support.



    Hi there,

    You are unable to delete your account, because you have a pending chargeback against us.

    Your plan auto-renewed on 17 May. But instead of cancelling your plan for a full refund, or contacting us for help with that, you disputed the charge with your bank on 25 May. When you do this, you are essentially accusing us of fraud, and the payment is frozen pending an investigation. Additionally, your site is locked pending payment of a chargeback fee. You can read our full policy here:

    Chargebacks & Disputes

    If you are willing to cancel the dispute with your bank we might still be able to refund you ourselves. Otherwise you will need to wait for our payment processor to complete their investigation before you’ll receive your refund, which could take eight to twelve weeks.

    Additionally, you will only be able to delete your account either once the chargeback is cancelled, or otherwise once you’ve paid the chargeback fee currently appearing in your cart at

    Let me know if you have any questions about this.


    Good evening,
    I apologise, I completely forgot about the automatic payment and I thought I cancelled it earlier till I noticed I got a receipt for the next subscription. I will take my dispute back, so you can refund me and cancel my account.
    Thank you for your time.


    Hi there,

    From what I can see the dispute is still under review with your bank. Did you contact them to cancel the dispute? We cannot refund until it is shown in our system that the chargeback (dispute) is cancelled.


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