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    I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. My Title Text keeps breaking where it shouldn’t be, so I’ve got words running onto different lines, and it looks and reads terribly. Furthermore, I seem to be the only one dealing with this problem, because help for the questions I have is always impossible to find.

    The blog I need help with is kamonperez.com.



    Hi @kamonperez, do you mean the titles of your posts or the title on the site itself? I’m actually not seeing issues with either breaking strangely, no matter what screen size I check with, so would you mind gathering a screenshot or two and uploading to https://wordpress.com/media? Then update us here and we’ll take a look.



    I posted a screenshot of the problem as I see it. If you’re not seeing any issues, that’s very good news, but I’m not sure why I would see the text wrapping, but you wouldn’t. Several of the text wrapping errors are fixed on my phone, but when I look at the page heading, “Shop > Category: Photography,” the word ‘photography’ is broken into two lines – “Photogra-phy.”

    I also haven’t messed with any of the coding, nor have I added any custom html. Everything is currently operating on standard themes and fonts.



    Hi there,

    I’m not able to see what you’re describing but since your site is using the open source WordPress.org software you need to seek help at these forums:


    These forums are for WordPress.com hosted sites only. If you want to know more about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org you can read this document:




    Seriously, @fstat? Why are you even here when someone else has already stepped up to try and help? WP.com, WP.org… what effing difference does it make if neither support group is willing or able to help? This is a forum, which means that anyone should be able to offer help regarding the questions posted. If you don’t have an answer to our question, fine, but don’t waste my time by sticking your nose into a conversation that’s already happening only to say, “I can’t see the problem,” despite the fact, that we’ve already posted a screenshot to illustrate the problem. Go back to your day job, and let our conversation with @supernovia continue, please and thank you.



    Furthermore, @fstat, here’s a quote taken directly from the forum site you provided:

    “Post your question in the appropriate forum, but don’t worry if you’re unsure about which one to use, *we’ll help you regardless,* and may even move it to the right forum for you if there’s a better place for it. Feel free to make a new topic, even though your issue might appear similar to other topics, most sites are unique and it’s rarely the same issue.”

    So again, if you don’t want to help, fine, but don’t waste people’s time just to say, “I don’t want to help you.” >_>




    I was able to reproduce the issue described in the OP on my desktop monitor, by reducing the size of the browser window. Examples:

    portfolio page, titled “Expressions” — https://snag.gy/KPC4S2.jpg

    Gallery” page — https://snag.gy/BVXcQf.jpg



    Sorry, the second screenshot isn’t from the Gallery page. It’s from the Photography category page.

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