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    Hi all!

    I was told here that I don’t need to use all the three columns that my theme morning after presents. I can also reduce the appearance of this 3 column theme to a 2 column theme. but how? I thought if I simply don’t put widgets into the sidebars, the sidebar would not show up. but it does.

    I put “calendar” and “recent posts” into the primary sidebar.
    the secondary sidebar is empty. under appearance > widgets it only reads “The widget area only appears on the home page.”, there are no widgets in there.

    nevertheless, I get a secondary sidebar showing “recent posts” (so they appear double (in the primary sidebar where I put them and also in the secondary sidebar, where I did NOT put them) as you see when you click on my username) and also “pages”.

    so, how can I deactivate the sidebar?

    another option might be: choose the template “full width” which the morning after theme has (see under “customization”) but how do I do that? I can do it for the “about” page but not for the main page…

    thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is


    You can put an empty text widget into the other sidebar which will cause the sample set of widgets to disappear, but then you will have a blank white column there. The only way to have only one widget column, and recover that space for the content would be with the CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience.

    Also, the stuff you find out in the wild on themes typically refer to the self-hosted version, which is typically different from what is here. Themes here are modified and pared down to work within the restrictions here and to support the unique wordpress.COM features, so you can’t really use them as a guide for themes here.

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