They Stole my Blog's Header Image

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    I have been blogging since 2012. I uploaded my blog’s current blog header on June 23, 2013.

    I recently discovered it was stolen by 3 bloggers (2 on 1 on blogger) and on a french online gaming forum.

    Blogger A on I’ve contacted her via email requesting the image removal from her blog post. Even though I only requested for her to remove the image, she deleted the blog post but hasn’t deleted the image from her media library as the link to my image on her blog is still active.

    Blogger B on there’s no way of contacting this person as the blog has only one post published this year and has no contact info.

    QUESTION: If I give you guys the links, is there a way for the admins to delete the image from these 2 blogger’s media library? I don’t want to cause these people more trouble, I only want my image removed from their libraries.

    Blogger C on blogger: Contacted this person privately without success. Contacted this person via twitter and she agreed to remove the image from her blog, twitter, facebook and google + profiles “when it was convenient to her” and even though all her contact links are on her blog she asked me to “stop stalking her”. She deleted her tweets to me regarding this issue and blocked me from twitter.
    She removed the image from her twitter account, changed her google + header but still has my image on her google + album, and hasn’t deleted it from her blog and facebook profile.

    QUESTION: Is there anything I can do other than wait until it is convenient for her to remove my image?

    And the fourth person who has my image is on the forum.

    QUESTION: Does anyone know how can I contact a user from this french forum?

    Thanks in advance for your advice and help.

    The blog I need help with is



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    You`re welcome and best wishes for a good outcome.

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