There must be an option to block spam followers

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    p.s. news – some days have gone by : while waiting for more time to save my posts before definitely erasing the blog, I had put the blog in the ‘hidden’ option, meaning that nobody but me (signing with username & password) can see it. Well, today I received a mail from a new ‘follower’ !
    1) He is one of those with just the gravatar and the link to their spam advertising
    2) he is one of those that had been removed by my followers by a super administrator and I had reported to them as spammers
    3) (and the worst) not only they resurrect as they like, which is creepy, but – being my blog in the ‘hidden’ option to the public- they clearly have been able to access easily my ‘hidden’ blog, which means that they have much more unloyal & technical means at their disposal than a normal honest blogger, like sort of hackers of the platform.

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