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    In the specifications for the Panel theme, it states that it supports Infinite scrolling.

    If it does … I sure can’t get it to work?!

    Any input on this?

    The blog I need help with is



    On the Settings->Reading page, what have you got it set to display, in terms of number of posts? On the Theme Options, do you have Infinite Scroll enabled?



    It tells me infinite scroll can’t be enabled because I either have widgets in the footer [which I don’t], or my theme doesn’t support infinite scroll.

    I just find it a little strange, since this is an Automattic theme.


    …and it would be good if I checked what ID I was signed in with, before replying :D … that was me, above.


    I checked and I see that blog is currently using the Sorbet theme.

    I checked the Panel demo site at and I see that it’s setup to use a specialized “featured news” section. I don’t think Panel isn’t designed to use infinite scroll for featured news, but if you setup so there are just posts on the front page or there is a separate posts page, that will work with infinite scroll.


    I have changed theme since I wrote that question. That’s over a month ago.

    I didn’t use the featured news feature, I had a plain front page with regular blog posts.


    I just tested again, and I think I see what you mean. I was looking at the “Older Posts” click-to-load option before, and not the “Scroll Infinitely” option. I researched a bit more and found out that the Panel theme indeed does not support infinite scroll, and it is because of the way the featured content has been coded in that theme. I put in a request to see if this can be revisited just in case it’s something that can be changed.


    That’s alright. The only thing they need to do, is to remove «infinite scroll» from the list of features :)


    Good point. :) I added in a request for that.

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