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    So I’m trying to edit my website. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using a mobile device instead of a computer but when I choose a theme it’s not converting over on my website. I’ve chosen Libre2. But when I check my website it’s still using the default theme that was assigned when I first created the website

    The blog I need help with is




    When you switch from one theme to another, it’s normal that some of the features that you’ve added will be carried over, though they may look and behave somewhat differently on each theme. Some of the differences between your site and the Libre 2 demo are the following:

    1. Your site has a static homepage, whereas the Libre 2 demo has the posts page set as the homepage.

    2. Your site has a background image set, which is displayed in a repeated pattern across and down the page, whereas the demo doesn’t have a background image set.

    3. Your homepage includes what seems to be a cover block, displaying a cover image that extends across the page. The About Me page on the demo, which in some respects resembles your homepage, doesn’t have a cover image added.

    Please consult the Libre 2 Overview for information regarding the theme.

    The My Theme Doesn’t Look Like the Demo section of the Themes support page might also be helpful.



    See also the My Content and Switching Themes section of the Themes support page regarding things to check (because of possible inadvertent effects of a theme switch) after switching themes.

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