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    Hi there. I hope you’ll like this trick, which I learned in this very forum, and which I’ve edited to upload background pictures, patterns and textures with no css upgrade.
    You only have to insert the following html code in a text widget on top of the widget bar.

    <div style="position:fixed;top:0;left:0;background-image:url('http://the_wished_file');background-repeat:repeat;background-position:0 0;width:100%;height:100%;z-index:-1000;"></div>

    Who’s interested in using it will be able to try whether it worked or not.

    Regards from Reggio Emilia (Italy)

    The blog I need help with is:


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    You should take a look at this post:

    Apparently that won’t be working in the near future.



    These no longer work unless you have the CSS upgrade.


    The hammer has fallen.

    Can &nbsp; be far behind?


    @matt, this so much sucks.


    @matt, Could you please tell everyone why this move to squash the ability to change some minor theme related design without having to pay the $15 per year CSS editing fee?

    Seriously. This is one of the reasons I’ve quit recommending wordpress.COM to my clients with only basic needs. Sure, $15 per year isn’t a lot for the CSS upgrade, but if you add in domain mapping and a domain name, you are at $30 per year. I can get them set up for just a little more than that with a domain name and third-party hosting and a .ORG installation, and they have complete freedom.



    Off the original topic, but on the COM blog a long while back someone suggested “bundle at check out” when buying multiple upgrades. Perhaps this should still be considered.


    @tsp: The only thing you can do with position:whatever is place an element at an unusual spot. So I wonder: how many people does WP think will buy the CSS upgrade just for that?


    @jennifer, yes, that would be a nice thing if there was a discount for buying multiple upgrades at one whack.

    Still though, in most cases – at least for the clients that contact me – I can set them up more inexpensively with a self-hosted installation on a third-party hosting service and give them far greater flexibility.


    @panos, I wonder that as well. I’ve done the “trick” for a few basic clients that needed to put something in the header area to meet their needs, but I am now going to have to let them know that we/they cannot make any changes to that or the position thing will be wiped out.

    It simply sucks for 6 clients I have here.

    I can see A Small Orange getting 6 new clients sometime in the next year via me. Good for me since I get referral credits, but bad for .COM. Still though, what are 6 blogs in the overall scheme of things for .COM?

    .COM is so far behind the curve. They really need to add a bunch of new features and abilities or they are going to risk losing a lot in a few years.

    * Every theme here that has top navigation should show child pages as a dropdown under the parent or at least offer it as an option.

    * We should all have the ability to opt out of the global tags pages and have all tags and categories listed in the posts go local without having to futz without having to shoot ourselves in the foot via privacy settings.

    * Every theme should give us the option of choosing if we want pages or categories to show in the top navigation. I’d even go farther and say we should be able to display both with the categories being a dropdown menu.

    That’s just a few. I simply don’t want to spend any more time thinking about what we should – and likely never will – have here at .COM.

    As a parting thought, how likely is it that my ramblings will survive in this thread?

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