‘The operation couldn’t be completed. (WordPressKit.WordPressOrgXMLRPCApiError

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    This has already been reported 5 months ago but the topic was closed before being resolved.

    I’m getting the error

    ‘The operation couldn’t be completed. (WordPressKit.WordPressOrgXMLRPCApiError error2.)’

    When trying to upload images to my self hosted sites using the iOS app.

    The blog I need help with is justinavery.wordpress.com.



    This is a long shot – but I saw you post on 3 different websites looking for the answer to this:

    For me… I’m self hosting my site. Not only that, but I use a reverse proxy nginx to point to my web servers that host my sites.

    Nginx has a maximum file size allowed through the gate of 1M. I changed it to 200M cause iPhone pics are huge.

    Just edit your nginx setting with:
    client_max_body_size 200m;

    Hope this is a good starting point for you! Php can also limit upload sizes, but I’d already set that higher previously. :)

    This particular issue was resolved

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