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    For everyone who wants to know how to apply jscript, Iframes, audio players and the like to their WordPress blog, I have a suggestion.

    Shell out $11.95 a month (unless your traffic is like dkoz!) for a Yahoo! hosted account, which is wordpress ready at the click of a webhosting control panel button. The installation was easy (Thanks Podz!).


    It allows me to supply features that have been buried in the sidebar links at WordPress, such as front page, constantly updated news from a wide variety of sources. An extended blogroll, easy links to various shortwave broadcaster’s audio streams as well as links to my favorite internet radio stations.

    If you’re concerned about losing traffic, no worries! Simply parallel post from the same html markup, and the user gets to choose.



    oh, yes. and it looks as if it’s notably stronger over there… ain’t there the sky with diamonds? (*kidding*)

    while 5/200GB coupled w/ 24h toll-free support are rather decent conditions for that price, I beleive it’d be an overkill for almost any _pure_ blog unless it’s used as a commercial (profitable to cover hosting charges at least) tool in a small business. that’s how they position this service, btw.

    anyway, thanks for the advertisement. rastafarA jah ;-)



    Yahoo has a number of issues as well from what I hear. (ie it has no problems with hosting spam sites, support, many other ISPs block its servers delivering mail, etc.)

    And heck, even I don’t charge $11.95 a month. :)



    $11.95 a month?!? There are dollar-a-month hosts that offer one-click wordpress installs. Of course, if you want reliability and tech support you’ll be wanting to invest a little more than that, but I still think you’ve been had.



    Bluehost and Laughing Squid from the .org Hosting page have had as many complaints as I have thumbs.

    A Small Orange is also excellent and also has had no complaints as far as I recall.

    In hosting you don’t always get what you pay for :)

    (And no problem leigh – it’s not so tricky eh?)



    Never noticed any problems with email sent, and I subscribe to a number of listservs. Methinks HotMail is the main spam offender.

    The spam blocking via Yahoo!’s bulkmail folder works well, although lately there’s some way that spammers have found to circumvent the folder. It ends up in bulkmail, and gets delivered as well. Thunderbird traps it as junk mail. 1 0r 3 pieces a week. Gmail’s far worse.

    Whenever I contact Yahoo! with a UBE or Phishing subject line they seem to deal with it, especially if it’s from one of their accounts (including outside the US).

    As far as cost? $12 bucks a month is less than I spend on high-test coffee in… a couple of days. Yahoo! has been hosting me for a couple of years now, and,‘options’, it wasn’t intended to be a plug, just a point of reference. <;’>

    Although the support seems non-existent for the email accounts, there ARE humans available to deal with site hassles. They don’t make it easy though, and no support team would WANT TO make it easy to contact them when you’re hosting perhaps hundreds of thousands of sites with an infinitely mind-boggling number of possible configurations.



    nevermind, sure it wasn’t a plug — no affiliate referral id indicated. just some experience shared.

    PS failed to decrypt your smiley, the nearest in the The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary says: “Winky and devil combined. A very lewd remark was just made” :-)

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