the drop down menu on site is rubbish now

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    I really don’t like what you have removed from the drop down menu on the main site in the top left corner.

    You have removed comments, so now I have to go the long way around to get to see who has left comments. Can’t use the notification thing because I get too many sometimes and it doesn’t go back far enough.
    You removed media, so now I can’t just upload photos for future posts.

    It looks very pretty, but it isn’t very practical. Now I have to do even more work.

    The blog I need help with is



    I tagged this thread for Staff to take notice of your issues, concerns and feedback. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond. To subscribe look in the sidebar of this thread, find the subscribe to topics link and click it.


    Thanks, appreciate that.



    I tried to look but couldn’t find anything, though the new notifications layout isn’t my problem, that is not what I am complaining about.



    Okay then. :)




    The dropdown menu is absolutely in flux, and I know it’s frustrating to have an option one place one day and missing the next.

    I don’t expect that everything will ever go back to exactly where it was before, but the menu you see today is also not the final version.

    We are working constantly both internally and in threads like this with users to figure out where the right balance is between a clean, consistent and easy to use menu and having all the features you need at your finger tips.

    We read and consider all the feedback we get in each of these threads so know that even if we don’t ultimately go the way you want us to that your perspective is being taken into account.




    Understand that I quit actively blogging in my blogging tips blog lest I publish a series focusing on these unwanted and unwelcome changes that we end users are surprised with day after day.

    a clean, consistent and easy to use menu and having all the features you need at your finger tips.

    Who determines what this balance is?

    And, given that we end users are not consulted prior to any changes being implemented, what is the criteria for determining the said “balance”?

    We are end users and this platform ought to be designed with our needs and our preferences as defined by us in mind. That is not possible when there is no means of direct communication between end users and decision makers prior to any changes being undertaken.

    Who are the people working on this project?

    Has this makeover job been farmed out to contractors?

    Is it being done by in-house Staff?

    Where can we end users communicate directly with the decision makers because using Happiness Engineers like yourself as go-betweens does not cut it.


    Very well said @timethief, I couldn’t agree more with you.

    It makes blogging quite difficult when things keep changing and you have to keep finding ways to work around the changes.



    I’m really upset. I am so upset that I am not renewing the two upgrades on each of my two blogs.



    TT: +1.000



    I second the support for @timethief‘s comments.

    What’s the driving force behind these changes? Is WordPress responding to user demands, or are they responding to anticipated market trends?

    Are the programmers bloggers themselves? Are they aware of the ways in which the new user and interface changes diminish usability on larger screens?




    I finally found what the perfect premium theme for my site last month. I’ve cancelled the theme, and I will not be renewing my custom upgrade as I intend to move to self-hosting shortly.

    I keep trying to give WP the benefit of the doubt, but I shouldn’t have to. WP is in the business of meeting our needs; we shouldn’t have to adapt to meet their design language.

    Every time I think things can’t get worse . . .



    The old dropdown menu is back. Perhaps they listened to us—this time.

    I’m not holding my breath about the new dashboard/stats page, the notifications, or the myriad other issues, but it’s (hopefully) a start.



    The old dropdown menu is back

    For me no yet…. (tested on seven browsers)


    We are end users and this platform ought to be designed with our needs and our preferences as defined by us in mind.




    For what it’s worth, it’s working on mine. Let’s hope everyone will have access to it soon.



    I hope too.



    Hi everyone, I have a quick update on the edit link. We’ve added the link back to the dropdown menu for now. The designers are going to continue to work on it and they will change it again later.

    We are working toward a clean, consistent menu bar across, while also making sure our users have the tools they need to do their best work.


    so what does this mean?
    do we have our dropdown menu or not?
    What is everyone else doing to combat this issue?

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