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    Please help with menu Images (Canard Theme). I don’t know how to get the images displayed like wordpress has shown on their demo site.

    The blog I need help with is:

    Thank you!

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    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi Hana, could you explain more what you mean by “menu images”? If you’re referring to the icons for Twitter, Facebook, etc. you can learn how to set up a social links menu here:

    More setup information in the Canard guide here:

    If you need further help, could you explain exactly what part of the demo site you’re referring to? Thanks!


    Yesterday the OP had the Posts page as her home page and it now looks like she’s switched it to a static front page with a Custom Menu.

    I believe she was referring to the display of the 5 or so posts that are featured at the top of the Canard homepage by using a featured tag. Not having very many published posts could be the reason why that area was not working for her. Even on my site which has about 150 posts, I had to hunt around in my tags before I found one where all 5 featured posts would display an image.

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    justjennifer – yes, I mean this part of site and now I know what is a problem. So when I will have more posts, it will show automatically ?


    To display featured posts on the blog page like in the demo, the first thing you’d need to do is set your front page to display your latest posts, not a static front page as you have now.

    Then, to set some featured posts, please read the section under “Featured Content and Featured Images” on the Canard setup page:

    The homepage allows you to prominently display your choice of up to five posts in a crisp grid. Select which posts to display with the “featured” post tag, or designate a different tag in Appearance → Customize. The Featured Content area displays when your front page is set to show your latest posts – use it to make sure your best articles get noticed.

    Be sure to add a featured image to each post you’d like featured.

    That should do the trick. If you get stuck at any of those steps, just let us know.

    Original poster

    ok, thank you!


    Hi there!

    I have the same problem. I did al the steps as explained on the Canard setup page, but unfortunately it will not show the five big pictures in a grid (even though five articles have the “featured” tag). Is there something I missed?

    I need help for my site:

    Hope to hear from you! Thanks in advance.

    – Sophie


    Sophie – to use featured content in Canard on a self-hosted site, you’ll need to activate the Jetpack plugin:


    Thank you for the quick response!
    I’ve installed the plugin, but I’m still unsure where to find the featured posts/pictures for my homepage.

    Hope you’re able to help.
    – Sophie


    Have you uploaded a featured image for each post with the “featured” tag?

    Did you add the word “featured” in the Customizer’s Featured Content area?

    Did you add the “featured” tag to each post?



    Thanks for helping. Was searching for the ‘featured content area’ in the Jetpack plugin, not in the customizer. Thanks for the tip of installing the plugin, it all works now!

    – Sophie


    Great, glad you’re all set! It’s looking good!

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