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    Is there any way to change the text size on the twitter widget (and the categories/links/ect widgets, but it really bugs me in the twitter one). The size of the text for the widget is even larger than the text size of the blog posts, and it looks horrible and makes it hard to read. I don’t need my tweets to take over the blog, but I’d like to keep them on the sidebar. I’d like to have the text the same size as the “Quick Refs” section. Any help is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is stickynotestories.wordpress.com.



    It would require the CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience.

    You are right that it looks strange, and I’m going to tag this to have it moved to the themes forum so that the theme team will see it. Hopefully they will adjust the font sizes a little so that the fonts in the sidebar are either the same size as the text in the posts and pages or slightly smaller.



    Ah, so it’s a theme thing and not a widget thing. That makes sense, because my old theme (Tarski) didn’t have this problem.


    That is right. Hopefully staff will look at it and make some adjustments.



    Hi stickynotestories,
    This is indeed a theme quirk with Vigilance, and not a bug. It’s just how this theme displays widget content.



    So I have to learn CSS or find a different theme? Dang :(


    {shakes head}

    By having the widget content font size larger than the font size for the page and post body copy, it lends more weight and importance to the widgets than to the actual post and page content. The eye is always drawn to larger fonts first.


    Interesting that the theme designer decided to make the text in text widgets so small you cannot see it (perhaps they were thinking of them only being used for legal fine print) but then they make all the other text in the other widgets as large as the text for the widget headers.



    That’s what I was thinking. Now it does look better on my home computer than it did on my work comp, but I still look straight to the widgets instead of the content of the posts.

    I’ll try another theme, I guess, and see what I can do with that.


    @lance, if you look at the demo for the latest version of Vigilance over at the theme foundry, you will see that they have now corrected the sidebar font sizes so that the content of the sidebars is the same size as the post and page content.


    (sorry, no http:// because akismet usually tosses me into the dungeon if I include external links in a forum post.



    We’ve tried to update this theme a few times, to great outcry. :) It’s a hugely popular theme so we’re choosing not to change the styles to avoid more anguish from people who are used to how it looks.


    @lance, that’s a good point (I remember some of those uprisings).



    No problem, thanks for letting me know :) I’ll live with it, or find something else!


    If you decide that you want to stick with Vigilance, and want to change it via CSS, let us know and we can give you the code.

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