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    Hello all,

    Been searching and searching, found some similar issues but can’t see to find the right one. If this has been covered I apologize. On the site below, when you are on a page that is navigated to from a drop down, the text is blue which matches the menu color until you hover over it so you can’t see the text.

    If you choose Services –> Website for example, once on that page and you hover over Services again, the text for the Website link (current page) I’m assuming is blue and blends.


    I’m trying to figure out where in the CSS to modify or add code so that the text always stays white. Any help is greatly appreciated!



    Hi @joekauffman55 ,

    I’d love to help, but unfortunately, you’ve come to the wrong place. Your site is using the self-hosted version of WordPress offered from WordPress.org. These forums are for people using WordPress.com services.
    WordPress.com and WordPress.org

    Head over to the WordPress.org support forums and someone is sure to help you there.

    All the best!

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