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    I’ve had this problem for some time on both my blog sites but found ways around it but I’m now in a position where I really need things to work.
    When I change the text colour – mostly using a custom colour but even with ones on the basic palette – it will appear correctly on the draft/WPadmin page but in Preview and on the page that anyone else will view, it remains the basic black/grey that is the default. It doesn’t happen all the time but it happens often.
    The coding is there on the ‘Text’ view i.e.
    <span style=”color: #cc0033;”> but the new colour is not evident in preview or final version. I’ve tried applying other formatting (e.g. bold/strong, italic, styles etc.) before and after applying the colour formatting, I’ve tried copying the coding from places where it IS working to those where it isn’t. But nothing works consistently and sometimes nothing works at all. Like now.
    If anyone can help me to be able to apply a new text colour and have it show on my pages, I’d be very grateful. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is savebarrett.org.


    Oh, it could be to do with copying and pasting text from elsewhere because one way I’ve been able to get around it is to retype the text directly in the WordPress admin/editing page. That’s possible for small amounts of text but not for huge chunks I’m bringing in from Word docs etc.


    MS Word is designed for print media, not for web, and that means that it can bring in code that can totally mess up your web site. WordPress will automatically strip out most of the Word offending code, but it sometimes misses things. On the second row of buttons in the editor, there is a icon about in the middle that has a “T” on what looks like a clipboard. It is best to click on that and a box will come up telling you the editor is in plain text insertion mode. You can the paste in from Word or from the web and all code will be stripped out. After you paste in, click on the “T” symbol again to take the editor out of plain text mode and then you can use the editor to format your post or page.


    Thank you so much! I was beginning to realise it was something to do with pasting from Word but would never have worked out overcome the issue. Really appreciate your help – thanks again.



    Glad thesacredpath was able to help you out!

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